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Wholeness and the Implicate Order

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Wholeness and the Implicate Order
First edition
AuthorDavid Bohm
SubjectScience, Quantum mind
Publication date
Publication placeUnited Kingdom

Wholeness and the Implicate Order is a book by theoretical physicist David Bohm. It was originally published in 1980 by Routledge, Great Britain.

The book is considered a basic reference for Bohm's concepts of undivided wholeness and of implicate and explicate orders, as well as of Bohm's rheomode - an experimental language based on verbs. The book is cited, for example, by philosopher Steven M. Rosen in his book The Self-evolving Cosmos,[1] by mathematician and theologian Kevin J. Sharpe in his book David Bohm's World,[2][3] by theologian Joseph P. Farrell in Babylon's Banksters,[4] and by theologian John C. Polkinghorne in his book One World.[5]


  1. Fragmentation and wholeness
  2. The rheomode – an experiment with language and thought
  3. Reality and knowledge considered as process
  4. Hidden variables in the quantum theory
  5. Quantum theory as an indication of a new order in physics, Part A: The development of new orders as shown through the history of physics
  6. Quantum theory as an indication of a new order in physics, Part B: Implicate and explicate order in physical law
  7. The enfolding-unfolding universe and consciousness


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