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Prudence Liew Why Cover.jpg
Studio album by Prudence Liew
Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Genre Cantopop
Length 48:08
Label Current
Sony BMG (reissues 2005-2008)
Sony (reissues 2008-)
Producer Josephu Chan
Prudence Liew chronology
劉美君 Prudence Liew (1986) 點解 Why
Hit Mix
Singles from Prudence Liew
  1. "Man in the Moon"
  2. "點解 Why"
  3. "一對舊皮鞋 A Pair of Old Loafers"
  4. "這雙眼只望你 Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
  5. "Give Me All Your Love Boy"

Dim Gaai (Cantonese 點解 Why) is the second studio album of cantopop singer Prudence Liew, released in 1987.

Background information[edit]

Upon the success of her debut album, the eponymous Prudence Liew, her label, Current Records, followed-up with this album in the winter of 1987. The album followed a different route of the debut album, where most of the songs were composed by local or Chinese songwriters. This album featured many covers of European and American songs, including the title track. Three of the cover songs were released as singles.[1] These covers were often treated with a strong dance beat reminiscent of her signature song from the previous album, "The Last Night".


Reception and reissues[edit]

Because Prudence Liew fared so well with critics, having won several Best Album of the Year awards, this follow-up album was often compared to it. Critics often thought this album to be of lesser quality when compared to the debut album as this album is too "westernized" and contained too many covers.[1] Although this album failed to achieve the critical acclaim of her previous album, it still sold fairly well in Hong Kong and was certified platinum[3] by the Hong Kong IFPI in early 1988.

Due to the long-term success of the album, Sony BMG (and later Sony Music) have re-issued the album several times as part of their "The Legendary Collection" in 2005 [4] and "Pure Gold Series" in 2009[5]

Track listings[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "一對舊皮鞋 (A Pair of Old Loafers)" Yuen Leung Poon Joseph Chan 4:47
2. "Man in the Moon" Chan Siu Kei Christian Bruhn, Erica Bruhn, D. Votion 3:30
3. "這雙眼只望你 (Can't Take My Eyes Off You)" Richard Lam Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio 5:18
4. "為你而生 (Living For You)" Tung Lo Tung Lo 5:04
5. "生活一小時 (Living For One Hour)" Jolland Chan Kenji Sawada 5:24
6. "Give Me All Your Love, Boy" Richard Lam Richard Yung 5:37
7. "請求 (Please)" David Yiu David Yiu 4:32
8. "失戀Cafe (Heartbreak Cafe)" Albert Leung I.C. Suarez 4:17
9. "點解 (Why?)" Albert Leung Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe, Allee Willis 4:19
10. "自甘墮落 (Self-Deserved Demise)" Henry Lai Anonymous 5:20
Total length: 48:08


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