Why Is Sex Fun?

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Why Is Sex Fun?
Why Is Sex Fun.jpg
Cover of the first edition
AuthorJared Diamond
CountryUnited States
SeriesScience Masters series
SubjectHuman sexuality
PublisherBasic Books
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardcover and paperback)
306.7 21
LC ClassHQ21 .D48 1997
Preceded byThe Third Chimpanzee 
Followed byGuns, Germs, and Steel 

Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality is a 1997 book about the evolution of human sexuality by the professor of geography and physiology Jared Diamond.


Diamond addresses aspects of human sexuality such as why women's ovulation is not overtly advertised (concealed ovulation); why humans have sex in private rather than in public like other mammals; and why the ovaries are U-shaped.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Why Is Sex Fun? was published in 1997 by Basic Books, as part of the Science Masters series.[2]


Why Is Sex Fun? received a positive review from the biologist Steve Jones in The New York Review of Books. Jones described the book as engaging and interesting. However, he questioned Diamond's treatment of concealed ovulation, finding it inconclusive.[3]

The anthropologist Peter B. Gray and Justin R. Garcia maintained in Evolution and Human Sexual Behavior (2013) that Why Is Sex Fun? was one of the best-read books on human sexuality. However, they considered it "informative but too thin in substance".[4]


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