Why Shit So Crazy?

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Why Shit So Crazy?
DVD cover
Written by Reggie Watts
Starring Reggie Watts
Distributed by Comedy Central
Release date
May 18, 2010
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Why Shit So Crazy? is a one-hour stand-up comedy special by Reggie Watts, aired and then released as a dual DVD/CD package by Comedy Central in 2010.[1] The special features Watts in live performance at New York venues Galapagos, The Bellhouse, and Le Poisson Rouge, bookended with brief sketches and a music video of Watts' "Fuck Shit Stack". Next to stand up, songs and freestyle rapping, the DVD/CD contains special features and deleted scenes, all completely uncensored and uncut. The word "Shit" is rendered on the cover as "$#!+".