Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me

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Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me
SHINee Why So Serious ?.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 26, 2013
StudioS.M. Studios
Seoul, South Korea
GenreDance,[1] World music,[2] Pop
LabelSM Entertainment (record)
KMP Holdings (distribution)
ProducerLee Soo Man (executive)
Shinee chronology
Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You
Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me
Boys Meet U
Singles from Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me
  1. "Why So Serious?"
    Released: April 26, 2013
Music video
"Why So Serious?" on YouTube

Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me is the second part from the third full-length album of South Korean boy band Shinee, released on April 29, 2013, in South Korea. The first part Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You was released on February 19, 2013. Both albums contain 9 songs each, for a total of 18 songs combined – a compilation albums titled The Misconceptions of Us was released on August 8, 2013.[3][4] The second part is said to have a darker and dreamier feel to it compared to the previous part.[5] The album was produced by the record label of S.M. Entertainment and distributed by KMP Holdings.[6] As of 2013 the album has sold about 130,000 copies and as of 2016 the whole Misconceptions Series has sold around 360,000 copies in South Korea.[7][8][9]

Background and release[edit]

On February 14, Shinee held an event called "Melon Premiere Shinee Music Spoiler" where the group revealed three songs off the second album through a medley, which were described to have a darker vibe compared to Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You. Jonghyun stated, "Why So Serious – The Misconceptions of Me will show our world views. It will have deep and rough sound. It embodies our groups unique personality and musical sensation".[10][11] Jonghyun stated "Spoiler" is the main song connecting the two albums, and in a video interview with Billboard, the group confirmed that the song titles to Why So Serious – The Misconceptions of Me were revealed in "Spoiler."[12]

About the making of the two connected album member Onew stated, "It’s our first full album that we’re releasing in a while, so we worked really hard. Minho and Key worked on the rapping, Jonghyun worked on the lyrics, and Taemin worked on the choreography." Taemin described the album as one where each member's individuality shines through their voices, “We know each other best so a lot of our opinions went into this album." Jonghyun additionally adds, "Taemin’s delivery of the lyrics is good. Minho's falsetto is really nice these days. Key is good at English. We know each other's strengths so we split the parts up according to who can shine on what. We had fun working on the album."[13][14] Fellow SM Entertainment artist Shim Changmin wrote the song "떠나지 못해" for the group, making this his first time writing outside a TVXQ release.[15]

Director Lee Sungsoo from S.M. Entertainments production department explained that the album is about "the misconception of me (Shinee)," "the dreams I slowly wanted for myself" and "the misconception of ideals." It evokes the gap between Shinee's reality and dreams and has an overall deep and dark sound, completely opposite of the preceding album."[16] At the event Director Lee also said that there are hidden keywords that connect the songs in the two albums and, "We included a fun point where you can search for keywords and put them together to create several interpretations." [17] On April 17, 2013, S.M. Entertainment confirmed that member Jonghyun would not be promoting in the beginning of the album promotion due to his car accident, stating "Jonghyun was discharged from the hospital [...], and until he is fully healed, he’ll be focusing on treatments."[18]

Promotional singles[edit]

"Why So Serious?" is a funk rock dance track that was chosen as the title track and lead single from the album. The song was written and produced by Kenzie and composed by Kim Cheong Bae, Andrew Choi and Kenzie.[19] It is a genre that combines the powerful and catchy melody of pop with electronica sounds. It talks wittily about a zombie that has lived in darkness for a very long time who falls in love with a human girl.[20] The accompanying music video was filmed in Cheongdam-dong and Namyangju in the beginning of April 2013, featuring the choreography by Devin Jamieson, who previously worked with the groups labelmates Super Junior.[21][22] Jonghyun didn't participate in the music video due to his injury.[23] Both the dance and the story present in the music video are reminiscent of the lyrics to the song. As "Why So Serious?" begins describing a zombie's awakening, Shinee lies down on the floor and reaches toward the sky.[24]

"Shine (Medusa I)" is powerful dance track that "combines high quality lyrics that express the love of fans as a ‘shine’ together with tough drum sounds to add enjoyment to listeners".[25] It was chosen as the second promotional single from the album and was performed on various broadcast music shows. Teddy Riley, Andrew Choi and Kim Tae-seong composed the songs whereas Misfit and member Minho penned the lyrics.[26]

"Can't Leave" is a ballad song accompanied by bittersweet tunes of piano.[27] The song was produced by a Canadian songwriter, Matthew Tishler, in his debut collaboration with Shinee, and Im Kwang Ok. Shim Changmin of TVXQ penned the lyrics while Shinee's resident rapper Minho yet again contributed to the rap portion. Its first performance was on their 'Music Spoiler' Dream Girl premier that on February 14, 2013 at Olympus Hall.[28] The song was also the only track to be performed during the Dream Girl Showcase held on February 20, 2013.[10]

Commercial performance[edit]

"Why So Serious" peaked at number 15 on the Gaon Singles Chart[29] and number 21 on China's Baidu Singles Chart.[30]

Track listing[edit]

Credits adapted from the official homepage.[31]

1."Nightmare"Kim Bo MinHitchhiker3:37
2."Why So Serious?"KenzieKenzie, Kim Cheong Bae, Andrew Choi3:40
3."Shine" (Medusa I)Misfit, Minho[a]Teddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Tae Seong, Andrew Choi3:49
4."오르골 (Music Box)" (Orgel)Jonghyun, Minho[a]Iain James Farquharson, Christoper Lee-Joe, Mikko Paavola, Philipe-Marc Anquetil3:26
5."Dangerous" (Medusa II)Jo Yun Kyeong, JonghyunTeddy Riley, Red Rocket, Kim Tae Seong, Andrew Choi3:32
6."Like a Fire"Min Yeong JaeThomas Troelsen, Herbert St. Clair, Crichlow3:42
7."Excuse Me Miss"Kim Bo Min, Minho[a]Amanshia Nunoo, Dwayne Fyne, Ryan Jhun3:42
8."Evil"Kenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe SchjoldanKenzie, Fridolin Nordsoe Schjoldan, Frederik Tao Nordsoe Schjoldan3:27
9."떠나지 못해 (Can't Leave)" (Sleepless Night)Shim Changmin, Minho[a]Im Kwang Ok, Matthew Tishler4:41
Total length:33:36


  • ^[a] Minho is credited for the rap lyrics


Album chart[edit]

Country Chart Peak
South Korea Gaon[32] 1
Taiwan G-Music Asia Chart[33] 1
United States Billboard World Albums[34] 1
Billboard Heatseekers[35] 5

Release history[edit]

Region Date Distributing label Format
South Korea[36] April 26, 2013 KMP Holdings Digital download
April 29, 2013 CD
Philippines May 25, 2013 Universal Records CD
Taiwan[37] May 22, 2013 Avex Taiwan CD


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