Why That Actor Was Late

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Why That Actor Was Late
Directed byGeorges Méliès or Manuel
Produced byGeorges Méliès
StarringHenri Vilbert
Release date

Why That Actor Was Late is a 1908 French short silent comedy film produced by Georges Méliès, and probably directed by Méliès's assistant, an actor credited as Manuel.


Henri Vilbert, a headlining star of the Parisian music hall Parisiana and the Folies-Bergère, plays the lead role of the actor. The film was made for performances when Vilbert was appearing; it was screened just before he entered the stage for his live act.[1] Vilbert also appears in Méliès's film The Hilarious Posters.[2]

The actors Gallois and Emile Gajean appear in the film as mechanics.[2] Since the film shows a realistic sensibility, markedly different from the theatrical style and rhythm used by Méliès, it was probably directed not by Méliès himself but by his production assistant, the actor Manuel.[2]


In addition to its screenings before Vibert's performances, the film was released in the United States as a standalone item by Méliès's Star Film Company. It is numbered 1073–1080 in its catalogues.[1]


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