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Why Tuesday? is a nonpartisan election reform organization. Their goal is to increase voter participation in the United States by creating a dialogue about election reform. The group publishes a weekly documentary video blog in order to highlight the state of America's voting systems.

Members of the group's Board of Directors are Ambassador Andrew Young, William B. Wachtel, and Norman J. Ornstein.

The name is derived from the position of Tuesday as the day on which most American elections are held, which the organization holds to be outdated and detrimental to democracy; it is held up as an example of the many things requiring reform in the American election system.

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The group launched in late-summer 2005 with a bipartisan poll revealing 94% of Americans favor making voting as convenient as possible. Ambassador Young, Professor Ornstein and Mr. Wachtel discussed the results of this poll at the National Press Club later in 2005.

On September 25, 2007, the group launched a new website and issued a challenge to all 2008 presidential candidates. Why Tuesday? issued a deadline of October 30, 2007 for candidates to record and submit a video online which outlines their respective plans for election reform.

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