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Wi-Not Mobile
Developer(s) Wi-Not Inc.
Operating system Windows Mobile
Available in English
Type Multimedia,communication& entertainment platform
License Freeware
Website www.wi-not.com

Wi-Not Mobile is a communication, information and entertainment platform, which is compatible with Windows Mobile devices. Wi-Not Mobile is an application from Wi-Not Inc., and was released on July 7, 2008. Wi-Not Inc. is a Greece-based mobile software company, founded in early February 2008[1] The application employs web scraping techniques to transform web sites and applications into services fitted for mobile devices, and is in first public beta version.


  • Web TV - with a list of over 300 channels that is updated in regular basis.
  • Web Radio - with a list of about 150 radio channels
  • Chat - an IM module which integrates automatic translation of exchanged messages
  • Mobile games - search-based game playing, in which users type the name of the game, and play it instantly in flash format
  • Social Networking - enables users to browse recursively through other users' special mobile homepages
  • Crawler - mainly used for audio content search
  • Mobile Commerce - not available in first beta
  • Extensions. Small mini-apps that follow a Plug-and-play scheme


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