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Gps tracking software.png
Developer(s) Gurtam
Stable release
Wialon 0716 / July 2016[1]
Written in C++, JavaScript, tcl
Operating system GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
Available in Russian, English, Ukrainian, العربية, български, italiano, español, suomi, polska, македонски, eλλάδα, deutsch, 中文, português
Type GPS tracking software
License Proprietary software
Website http://gurtam.com

Wialon is a web-based GPS tracking software platform designed for fleet management and vehicle tracking. The system was developed by Gurtam company headquartered in Belarus. Wialon is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. In 2016 more than 900 different types of GPS devices are compatible with Wialon Local and Wialon Hosting, including personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers and special software installed on a pocket PC and smartphone with GPS function.[2]

Chart displays theft of fuel.

Wialon was introduced internationally in 2010 at CeBIT computer expo.[3][4] Before that Wialon GPS tracking software was mainly used in Post-Soviet states. According to Gurtam website, the community of channel partners comprises more than 900 GPS tracking services providers worldwide.[5]

Wialon GPS Tracking System and its peculiarities[edit]

  • Lower cost of integration, ownership and technical support (SaaS);
  • Multi-Lingual User Interface (49 languages);
  • The program supports map services from other developers including Yandex, Google, Bing and more;
  • Integrated Gurtam Maps server for geocoding and routing. The system allows users to add their own maps to the catalogue;

History of Wialon GPS tracking system[edit]

Release Release date Comparison of Wialon GPS tracking system versions
AtlantSatellite Net May 2004 System was distributed on a free of charge basis. Active integration with new types of GPS equipment.
Wialon Beta 1 September 2006 The tracking system had an open code distributed under ADF license. The entire code of network synchronization and communication was developed in C++, while units' management and analysis of incoming data was scripted. The system included basic components such as reports, notifications, tracking and Google Maps support.
Wialon B2 March 2007 A separate vector maps application and access to the server via Wialon browser were introduced. The database was shifted to Oracle Berkeley DB. New Wialon functions also included units grouping, billing system, ActiveX support, GSM modem and geozone disposal.
Wialon B3 November 2007

Introduction of proprietary software. Statistics showed increasing database and maps management efficiency. Digital and analogue sensors were successfully implemented. The researchers developed new functions such as state indicator.

Wialon Hosting January 2009 Gurtam released the first version of Wialon Hosting software for GPS tracking. The software was distributed as a SaaS version from Wialon Data Center.
Wialon B3 0909 September 2009 The platform was divided into Pro/Standard sections. The former was sold to satellite monitoring operators, the latter – to companies that manage fleets on their own. New modules were introduced (including detailed reports and retranslators).
Wialon Pro 1001 January 2010 New ActiveX and Drivers modules were designed. Wialon support functions were enhanced up to 90 devices.
Wialon Pro 1006 June 2010 Gurtam upgraded the Reports module, introducing some new applications such as Route management and Maintenance. The old report settings were automatically deleted.
Wialon SDK 2012 SDK tool was introduced. Special Development Kit allows developers to use Remote API and Java Script API to create custom written applications, based on Wialon platform, to extend system capabilities and integrate Wialon with third-party applications.
Wialon Kit 2012 Wialon Kit fleet platform release, a satellite monitoring solution comprising custom web-application with open source, allowing system improvement by means of special tools.
Gurtam Maps April 2012 Gurtam Maps release – a native GIS service developed by reference to Wialon-specific features.
Apps 1311 January 2013 “Apps” tool appeared in Wialon, providing clients with the opportunity to use free Gurtam apps as well as implement their own features developed on the basis of SDK and add them to Wialon as additional applications.
Wialon Hosting 1311 November 2013 The current version of Hosting was separated and "frozen". This function allowed users to choose time and type of Wialon Hosting updates. Changes were introduced before the global interface upgrade.
Wialon Pro 1401 1401 December 2013 Wialon Pro 1401, the latest and the last version of the software, was released.
Wialon Local June 2014 Gurtam announced Wialon Local – a brand-new solution which replaced Wialon Pro.
Wialon Hosting 1408 August 2014 Another version of Wialon Hosting was separated. Its functions coincided with those of Wialon Local.
Wialon Hosting ‘DEV’ February 2015 Gurtam released several new updates for Wialon Hosting:
  • Route Management service (as a part of Gurtam Maps software);
  • Eco Driving (the system for driver quality monitoring);
  • Tacho Manager and Tacho View (the programs' functions include remote tachograph data download solution and driver activity monitoring)
Wialon Mobile Client March 2015 Wialon Mobile Client software for Android and iOS.
Wialon Local 1504 April 2015 Annual updates of Wialon Local service were introduced.

Wialon data center[edit]

Physically, Wialon Data Center is represented by more than 100 servers, located in the Netherlands, the USA, Russia and Belarus. Software as a service versions, Wialon Hosting and Wialon Corporate, are installed there. In the early 2015 Wialon Data Center has reached the number of 400 000 serviced units.[6] Wialon data center receives more than half a million data packages per minute.

The basis of the Data Center is formed by the cloud technology of distributed data storage and processing, which ensures high-speed and uninterrupted operation with huge amount of information. In 2015 Gurtam launched Wialon Network Operations Center — a combined resource for clients to get a complete set of data on updates, maintenance works, and other important events, including downtimes, on Wialon Hosting.


Wialon tracking platform comes in two formats:

  • Wialon Hosting — SaaS version
  • Wialon Local — server-based solution

Interesting facts about Wialon GPS tracking system[edit]

  • Belarusian software developer Technoton used Wialon platform to design fuel management and transport monitoring system called SKRT;
  • Wialon tracking system was implemented during "Narodni most — most druzhbi" motor rally organized by local authorities;
  • All Wialon software translations (with the exception of English) were made by ordinary users and volunteers;
  • GPS-trace Orange, a free system for personal monitoring, is the only alternative version of Wialon design.

Beijing to Paris GPS-tracking[edit]

In September 2010 Wialon software was used to monitor the participants’ activities during the famous Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. The rally drove through China, Mongolia, Russia, Turkmenistan and other countries.