Wichtelhöhlen (Bad Kissingen)

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The so-called "pulpit" of the Wichtelhöhlen

The so-called Wichtelhöhlen (Bad Kissingen) — goblin caves — are a rock formation with small caves located near Bad Kissingen in Lower Franconia in the center of Germany. The formation of nearly 20 sandstone rocks in the valley of the Fränkische Saale dates back to the early Triassic period.

Origin of the caves[edit]

The "Wichtelhöhlen" consist of a particular type of sandstone (Buntsandstein) typical for the area. They have their origin in the leaching of the Fränkische Saale. The so-called caves are merely cracks and voids between the broken slabs of sandstone. (for detailed information, please see "External links")

Natural environment[edit]

The "Wichtelhöhlen" are special protected environmental area ('geschützter Landschaftsbestandteil'). Small animals are looking for protection during wintertime while they are making their hibernation or winter rest. The caves are located in the neighbourhood of the "Man and Biosphere Reserve Programme Rhön". They are under the special supervision of the local natural Conservation Office.


The place is shrouded in legend. People used to believe that actual goblins lived in the small caves and helped a miller close to the caves. But after the miller mistreated the goblins, they returned to their caves while the miller spent the rest of his life in poverty.

Advertisement from 1864 as an evidence of the popularity of the Wichtelhöhlen


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