Wicked Annabella

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"Wicked Annabella"
Song by the Kinks
from the album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society
Released 22 November 1968
Recorded July 1968
Studio Pye, London
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 2:44
Songwriter(s) Ray Davies
Producer(s) Ray Davies

"Wicked Annabella" is a song by English rock band the Kinks, appearing on their 1968 album The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society.The song was written by main songwriter Ray Davies, although sung by lead guitarist Dave Davies in a rare departure from tradition.

Music and lyrics[edit]

"Wicked Annabella" takes on a rather dark and sinister turn, featuring a dissonant melody and unsettling lyrics.

The song is in stark contrast to the rest of the album, which mainly consists of up-beat, lilting tunes about English hamlet life and culture. "Wicked Annabella" features a loud, distorted guitar riff and a Mick Avory drum beat that carries the song. When describing the song's sound, Ray Davies said, "This is rather a crazy track. I just wanted to get one to sound as horrible as it could. I wanted a rude sound - and I got it."[1]

The song features a bassline in the style of Bach in the song. Bassist Pete Quaife said positive things about the song, saying, "Oh, great fun. I played a Bach bassline during the middle of that once."[2]

Live history[edit]

The song has never been performed live by The Kinks, but the song has become a life favorite of Dave Davies.

Cover version[edit]

The song was covered later by an American band, The Ophelias, as well as British Doom Metal band, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.


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