Power Company (album)

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Power Company
Studio album by Eric Burdon Band
Released April 1983
Recorded 1981/82
Genre Rock, Hard rock, Heavy Metal, R&B
Label Teldec
Producer John Sterling, Snuffy Walden
Eric Burdon Band chronology
Power Company
I Used To Be An Animal

Power Company is an album by the Eric Burdon Band released in 1983. It features recordings from the Comeback project. It also features live recordings.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Power Company" (Bernd Gärtig, Bertram Passmann, Eric Burdon, Frank Diez, Jackie Carter, Jean-Jacques Kravetz, Nippy Noya)
  2. "Devil's Daughter" (Eric Burdon, Iverson Minter)
  3. "You Can't Kill my Spirit" (Tony Greco, Ranji K. Bedi)
  4. "Do You Feel It" (Eric Burdon, John Sterling, Pat Couchois)
  5. "Wicked Man" (George Suranovich, John Sterling, Terry Ryan)

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Heart Attack" (Chris Couchois, Howard Messer, Pat Couchois)
  2. "Who Gives a Fuck" (Eric Burdon, John Sterling)
  3. "Sweet Blood Call" (Iverson Minter)
  4. "House of the Rising Sun" (Traditional; arranged by Eric Burdon and John Sterling)
  5. "Comeback" (Traditional; arranged by Eric Burdon and John Sterling)


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