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A selection of Wickles products

Wickles is a company from Dadeville, Alabama, that produces pickles.[1] Besides regular pickles the company also produces pickled relish, banana peppers, and red pepper strips.[2]

The company was founded in 1998 by brothers Trey (a former stockbroker) and Will Sims (a former photographer), using an old family recipe, and by 2009 Wickles products were available across the United States.[3]

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has used the pickles on hamburgers, and Alabama restauranteur Bob Baumhower offers "fried Wickles" at his restaurants.[4]

In April 2015, it was selected as winner of AL.com's Alabama Food Bracket competition, from a run-off against 32 other products of Alabaman manufacture or origin, with 52.5 percent of the final round's 10,917 votes.[4]


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