Wickliffe Middle School shooting

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The Wickliffe Middle School shooting was a school shooting that occurred on November 7, 1994, at Wickliffe Middle School in Wickliffe, Ohio, United States. The gunman, 37-year-old Keith A. Ledeger, was a former student at Wickliffe Middle School. Ledeger, armed with a 12-Gauge Shotgun, shot and killed custodian Pete Christopher, as well as wounding the assistant principal, a police officer, and two teachers, before being stopped by a police officer, Leonard Nosse. Ledeger was sentenced to 57 years in prison, and died while serving his sentence.

Ledeger was an alcoholic at the time of the shooting. He was seen walking into the school by a construction crew doing work on a nearby bank. They managed to call 911 before he entered the school which greatly reduced the number of casualties.

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