Wicomico County Courthouses

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Circuit Court

Wicomico County, Maryland, is served by two courthouses, both located in the county seat of Salisbury.

The Wicomico County Circuit Court, where serious criminal cases and major civil cases are tried, is located at 101 North Division Street (38°21′57″N 75°36′00″W / 38.3658°N 75.6000°W / 38.3658; -75.6000 (Wicomico County Circuit Court)).

The county's District Court building, known as the W. Paul Martin District Court and Multi-Service Center, is located at 201 Baptist Street (38°22′00″N 75°35′51″W / 38.3666°N 75.5975°W / 38.3666; -75.5975 (Wicomico County District Court)). This is where such matters as traffic violations, other misdemeanors, and small-claims cases are heard.

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