Wide-Eyed and Ignorant

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Wide-Eyed and Ignorant
Studio album by
LabelMCA, Radioactive, Setanta/Parlophone
ProducerEdwyn Collins
A House chronology
I Am the Greatest
Wide-Eyed and Ignorant
No More Apologies
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars [1]

Wide-Eyed and Ignorant is the fourth album from Irish rock band A House. It features the single "Here Come the Good Times", which was A House's only entry in the UK Top 40, at number 40.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by A House.

2."Here Come the Good Times"3:33
3."She Keeps Me Humble"3:56
4."Why Me?"3:20
5."Make Me Proud"3:17
6."Everything I Am"3:34
8."These Things"2:36
9."The Comedy Is Over"3:31
10."The Strong and the Silent"3:25
11."Big Talk"2:46
13."I Want to Be Allowed to Love You"2:57

Alternative track listing (U.S.)[edit]

Released in 1995 with a different cover.

  1. "The Strong and the Silent" (3:25)
  2. "She Keeps Me Humble" (3:58)
  3. "Why Me?" (3:22)
  4. "Curious" (3:46)
  5. "Make Me Proud" (3:24)
  6. "Everything I Am" (3:39)
  7. "Picture A House" (1:28)
    • This is the same track as "Intro" on the UK release.
  8. "Here Come the Good Times" (3:36)
  9. "The Comedy Is Over" (3:37)
  10. "Because You Love Me" (2:54)
  11. "Spinster" (3:19)
  12. "These Things" (2:38)


  • Fergal Bunbury - guitar
  • Dave Couse - vocals, guitar
  • Dave Dawson - drums
  • Martin Healy - bass
  • Susan Kavanagh - backing vocals
  • David Morrissey - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Edwyn Collins - production, Spanish guitar, harmonica, keyboards