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Widget is a placeholder name for an unnamed, unspecified, or hypothetical manufactured good or product. The word was coined by George S. Kaufman in his play Beggar on Horseback (1924).

This meaning has been extended in various ways:



  • Software widget, a generic type of software application comprising portable code intended for one or more different software platforms
    • Widget (GUI), a control element in a graphical user interface – an element of interaction, such as a button or a scroll bar.
    • Widget toolkit, a software library containing a collection of GUI widgets that collaborate when used in the construction of applications
    • Web widget, an applet intended to be used within web pages
    • The MediaWiki Widgets extension and related widget collections
  • Widget drive, a hard drive used only in the Apple Lisa computer system

Other technologies[edit]

  • Widget (beer), a device placed in cans and bottles of beer to aid in the generation of froth
  • E-9A Widget, a turboprop airliner

Arts and entertainment[edit]

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