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County of Wied-Runkel
Grafschaft Wied-Runkel
State of the Holy Roman Empire

Coat of arms

Capital Runkel
Government Principality
 •  Partitioned from Wied 1698
 •  Raised to principality 1791
 •  Mediatised to
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Wied Wied

Wied-Runkel was a small German sovereign state. Wied-Runkel was located around the town and castle of Runkel, located on the Lahn River. It extended from the town of Runkel to further north of Schupbach, but also held an exclave east of Villmar.

Wied-Runkel was a partition of Wied, and was raised from a County to a Principality in 1791. Wied-Runkel was mediatised to Nassau.

Counts of Wied-Runkel (1698–1791)[edit]

  • 1698–1699 : Johann Friederich Wilhelm von Wied-Runkel († 1698)
  • 1692–1706 : Maximilian Heinrich von Wied-Runkel († 1706), his grandson
  • 1706–1762 : Johann Ludwig Adolph von Wied-Runkel († 1762), his son
  • 1762–1791 : Christian Ludwig von Wied-Runkel († 1791), his son

Princes of Wied-Runkel (1791–1806)[edit]

  • 1791–1791 : Christian Ludwig von Wied-Runkel († 1791)
  • 1791–1806 : Karl Ludwig Friedrich Alexander († 1824), his son, until 1806, demoted to the rank of State Lord, with the titles of Prince of Wied and Lord of Runkel


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