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The Wieland-Gymnasium is one of two Gymnasien (high schools) in Biberach an der Riß, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (along with Pestalozzi-Gymnasium). It is named after the poet Christoph Martin Wieland, who lived and worked in Biberach. The school is popular for introducing the Biberacher Modell, a model in which pupils begin to learn Latin at an early age,[1] which has been adopted by many schools in Baden-Württemberg. At the moment (May 2008) the school counts 1029 pupils and 80 teachers.[2] Since 2006, some new buildings, including a cafeteria, have been built on the school grounds to make the school ready for full-time classes.[3]


  • In 1278, a Latin school in Biberach was documented for the first time.
  • In 1775, Thaddäus Plazzary founds a “Professoratsschule” (professorial school).
  • Since 1928, pupils can make Abitur exams at the “Progymnasium und Oberrealschule mit städtischen Oberklassen”.
  • In 1937, the school is renamed to “Horst-Wessel-Oberschule für Jungen” (Horst Wessel grammar school for boys) under the Nazi regime.
  • In 1961, the school moves to a new building and in 1962 it is renamed to “Wieland-Gymnasium”.


The lower classes have already adapted the G8 (8-year education system), whereas the higher grades still use the G9.[1]

Pupils can choose to have Latin or additional arts lessons. In the 8th grade, either the natural scientific or the linguistic (introducing Spanish) profile can be chosen.[4] Furthermore, the school is one of the first in Baden-Württemberg to teach economy in higher grades.[5]


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