Wiesloch-Walldorf station

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Wiesloch-Walldorf station
Deutsche Bahn Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn
Through station
Walldorf Wiesloch Bahnhof 20070516.jpg
Location Wiesloch, Baden-Württemberg
Coordinates 49°17′27″N 8°39′51″E / 49.29083°N 8.66417°E / 49.29083; 8.66417Coordinates: 49°17′27″N 8°39′51″E / 49.29083°N 8.66417°E / 49.29083; 8.66417
Platforms 3 (1-3)
Other information
Station code 6759[1]
DS100 code RWS[2]
Category 3[1]
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 1843

Wiesloch-Walldorf station is in the towns of Wiesloch and Walldorf in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The station is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.[1] Leimbach Park and the Wiesloch Feldbahn and Industrial Museum are located to the north of the station.


19th century[edit]

The Karlsruhe—Heidelberg section of the Rhine Valley Railway was opened on 15 April 1843 as part of the construction of the Baden Mainline from Mannheim via Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden and Freiburg to Basel, which was initially built to 1600 mm broad gauge. As a result, Walldorf and Wiesloch gained a connection to the rail network. A few years later the line was duplicated. Since the Grand Duchy of Baden State Railway’s broad gauge was not compatible with the gauge of neighbouring countries, it now feared the loss of lucrative transit traffic. Therefore, in 1854, Baden began to regauge its lines to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge and this was completed in just four months from Mannheim to Bruchsal.

20th and 21st century[edit]

Since the station is located about three kilometres from both Wiesloch and Wallendorf, both towns only gained a limited benefit from the line. In 1901, a private branch line, the Wiesloch-Meckesheim/Waldangelloch railway, was opened connecting the centre of Wiesloch with Wiesloch-Walldorf station. This line continued to Meckesheim, providing a connection between the Rhine Valley Railway and the Neckargemünd–Bad Friedrichshall-Jagstfeld railway. The services of this line operated from a platform in the station forecourt, where there was a connecting track to the state line. Passenger services on this line closed in 1980 and freight traffic was discontinued in 1990.

A tramway was built 1902 to connect to the town of Walldorf from the station forecourt, but it was closed in 1954. The station building was demolished sometime before 1990.

In 2000, the Zweckverband Bahnhof Wiesloch-Walldorf (Administrative Association of Wiesloch-Walldorf station) was founded to promote the redevelopment of the station and the upgrading of the station’s environment.

Tracks running parallel to the River Leimbach and Tonwaren Industrie Wiesloch factory, with a southbound stream train about to enter the station c.1925. The area would later contain the Landratsamt, Wiesloch Feldbahn and Industrial Museum and Leimbach Park.


Today, 135 long-distance trains stop at the station each week. It is served by two trains every hour on Intercity line 26 as well as individual services of IC line 30 and an Intercity-Express service. Regional-Express services stop every two hours on the route between Heidelberg and Stuttgart. The station is also integrated in the S-Bahn network of the Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn and is served by lines S 3 and S 4 at half-hourly intervals towards Heidelberg/Mannheim and Bruchsal/Karlsruhe.

Long-distance, regional and S-Bahn services[edit]


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