Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits

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Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits
Wife Taxi - Crowded with Big Tits.jpg
Theatrical poster for Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits (2004)
Directed by Yutaka Ikejima[1]
Written by Kyōko Godai
Starring Satsuki Mochida
Mayuko Sasaki
Lemon Hanazawa
Cinematography Shōji Shimizu
Edited by Shōji Sakai
Cement Match
Distributed by OP Eiga
Release dates
  • September 29, 2004 (2004-09-29)
Running time
60 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits (人妻タクシー 巨乳に乗り込め Hitozuma Takushii: Kyonyū ni Norikomu?) is a 2004 Japanese pink film directed by Yutaka Ikejima and written by his wife and frequent collaborator, Kyōko Godai. It was given Honorable Mention for Best Film at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony, and Kōji Makimura was given a Best Actor award.[2]


The film explores the past and present lives of characters during a night's taxi ride. The characters include Masayo a divorced woman who works as a taxi driver, and Sakaki, a diabetic passenger who wants to go to an isolated beach.[3]


  • Satsuki Mochida (持田さつき) as Masayo Nishina[3][4]
  • Mayuko Sasaki (佐々木麻由子) as Yuri Sakaki
  • Lemon Hanazawa as Emi
  • Kōji Makimura (牧村耕次) as Kōsuke Sakaki
  • Tomohiro Okada (岡田智宏) as Kazuhiko Hōjō
  • Guriko Yamanote (山ノ手ぐり子) as Aiko Hōjō
  • Ken'ichi Kanbe (神戸顕一) as Guest
  • Yuki Motegitaka (モテギタカユキ) as Yukio Sakaki
  • Kikujirō Honda (本多菊次朗) as Naoya Okegawa


Yutaka Ikejima filmed Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits for his own production studio, Cement Match, and it was released theatrically in Japan by OP Eiga on September 29, 2004.[1] It became available online through the Hokuto Corporation's DMM service on November 16, 2006.[5]


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