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Wifey's World
Type of site
Adult website
Available in English
Website www.wifeysworld.com
Alexa rank 46,235 (US, 01/2014)
Registration Optional (previews only)
Launched January, 1998
Current status active

Wifey's World is a pornographic website, founded in January 1998, and maintained by Kevin and Sandra Otterson,[1][2] a married couple known to their Internet fans as Hubby and Wifey.[3][4]

The couple were high-school sweethearts and were born c. 1965[5] and married c. 1986.[6]


The business started when "Hubby" posted some polaroids of "Wifey" on the Usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.erotica in 1997[3] with her eyes hidden.[7] Surprised by the favorable response, the couple continued to post steadily more explicit images. By the fall of 1997, they were doing a brisk mail-order business of their home videos. They launched the website in the fall of 1998.[1][3]

The website, initially costing US$9.95 a month, started around Jan. 26, 1998, and featured JPEGs, video clips, and order forms for tapes. There was also an interactive "Wifey cam".


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