Wiggly Park

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Wiggly Park
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 20
Running time 5 minutes
Distributor Telemagination
Original network BBC Two CBeebies
Original release 9 January – 22 October 1998

Wiggly Park was a British BBC children's television animated cartoon which was produced in 1997 and shown in 1998. Originally a children's radio programme on BBC Radio 5, the characters were voiced by British actors Andrew Sachs and Kate Sachs.

The show revolved around the adventures of six friends in their home, a large town park. The characters included an earthworm named E.W., a slug named Nifty (who was characterised as being rather slow and a bit dim), a snail called Shelly, (who was French and female) Moggy the caterpillar who was very greedy, Buzz the bee, and a tortoise named Thera who was very old.


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