Wight Bank

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Wight Bank is located in Indian Ocean
Wight Bank
Wight Bank
Location of Wight Bank in the Indian Ocean

Wight Bank is a small, wholly submerged atoll structure in the Southwest of the Chagos Archipelago, Indian Ocean. It is located 6 km to the SE off the southeastern tip of Pitt Bank at 7°25′S 71°32′E / 7.417°S 71.533°E / -7.417; 71.533Coordinates: 7°25′S 71°32′E / 7.417°S 71.533°E / -7.417; 71.533. It is less than 2 km in diameter and its total area is about 3 km 2. The closest piece of land is Île Sudest of Egmont Atoll, 80 km NNW. Diego Garcia is 94 km to the East. The least charted depth is 8.5 m.[1]

Wight Bank was first reported in 1886.


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