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Wiiija was a British independent record label founded in 1988 by staff from the Rough Trade Shop in Notting Hill, London. The name Wiiija is a corruption of W11 1JA, the postcode of the Rough Trade Shop in Talbot Street.

The label was notable for introducing the band Therapy? and releasing the first records by Silverfish, Huggy Bear and Cornershop.[1][2] Notable later releases included Free Kitten and Bis while the commercial success of Cornershop from 1997 rewarded the label's long-term support.

Wiiija became loosely associated with the early UK riot grrrl scene as a result of releases by Huggy Bear and Blood Sausage, as well as the Some Hearts Paid To Lie EP which featured Comet Gain, Skinned Teen, Linus and Pussycat Trash. Labelmates Cornershop can be seen along with Huggy Bear and Blood Sausage in the 1994 tour documentary Getting Close To Nothing.[3]

In 1996 it became a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet Records and remained active until the early 2000s.


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