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WikEM is wiki-based medical website and point-of-care phone application for emergency medicine clinicians.[1] WikEM initially started as a database created from notes and checklists passed from resident class to subsequent resident class at the Harbor-UCLA emergency medicine residency program.[2][3] In 2009, WikEM was launched as a free wiki-based website and phone application that was universally available to all residency programs and global practitioners.[2]

Emergency medicine practitioners have been quick to adopt smart phone applications, including WikEM, for use as point-of-care medical references.[4] WikEM has been listed as a key reference for emergency medicine physicians,[4] residents,[3] medical students,[3] nurses,[5] and paramedics.[6]


Although the use of wiki-type software has become common for a variety of purposes, several sources have questioned whether the wiki-based format of WikEM is reliable enough to use as a source for medical information,[2] with arguments similar to questions about the reliability of Wikipedia plus the additional concerns of patient safety.

Free open access meducation[edit]

Free open access meducation (FOAM) has been described as “medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime”[7] and WikEM has been described as a key resource in the FOAM movement.[8] WikEM's free, openly-accessible content has been specifically noted as an important growing resource for clinicians in the developing world, where access to up to date medical references is more difficult.[8] However, to date, WikEM is limited in this regard in that its content is only available in the English language.[8]

Mobile apps[edit]

Although WikEM auto-formats for mobile devices, there are offline applications specifically designed for rural and international medicine in austere and Internet-poor environments.

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