Wik and the Fable of Souls

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Wik and the Fable of Souls
Developer(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Publisher(s) Reflexive Entertainment
Platform(s) Windows
Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Net Jet
Release date(s) September 14, 2004 (PC)
December 14, 2005 (Xbox 360)
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single player

Wik and the Fable of Souls is a game developed by Reflexive Entertainment. The main character, Wik, who is a frog-man like character, uses a combination of jumping and his long, grapple-like tongue to navigate the world. Accompanying Wik on his journey is a mule-like creature named Slotham. On each level the player must capture a set number of grubs and deliver them to Slotham, but getting the grubs to Slotham becomes more and more challenging through each "chapter". There are various bugs that try to steal the grubs or directly harm Wik, and on some levels Wik can fall off the platforms into the abyss. On both the PC and the Xbox 360, each level includes three gems; (A Ruby, an Emerald, and a Diamond) capturing all of these throughout the course of the game is required in order to achieve the best ending.

The game is divided into 16 level sets of 8 levels each (or, on the Xbox 360 version, over 120 levels total). The game also features a challenge mode which involves practicing acrobatics and other tricks used during normal game play.

Wik and the Fable of Souls won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize in the downloadable games section at the 2005 Independent Games Festival, and also makes an appearance as one of the Xbox Live Arcade games on the Xbox 360.[1] It was also made available on Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged Vol. 1. The PC version of the game was made available for Steam on May 13, 2007. In 2010, it was inexplicably removed from steam,[2] but can be obtained via Amazon.com.[3]


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