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A wiki (or wiki wiki) is a collaborative website.

Wiki or wiki wiki may also refer to the following:

Computing and technology

  • .wiki, a generic top-level domain overseen by ICANN
  • PBworks (formerly PBwiki), a commercial real-time collaborative editing (RTCE) system
  • Wiki software, software used to run a wiki website
  • Wikimedia Foundation, a US non-profit charitable organization
    • Wikimedia movement, or Wikimedia, the global community of contributors to Wikimedia Foundation projects
    • Wikipedia, a wiki encyclopedia sometimes referred to as "wiki"
  • WikiWikiWeb, the original wiki website, and originator of the word "wiki"


People with the name

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities


  • "Jam on Revenge (the Wikki-Wikki Song)", a 1983 single by the band Newcleus
    • "Wiki wiki", a phrase meant to simulate a DJ scratching a turntable, used by Newcleus in several songs as well as Will Smith's "Wild Wild West", among others

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

  • WIKI (FM) a country music radio station in Carrollton, Kentucky, United States
  • "Wiki-wiki", a story (and title character) written by the title character of Jack London's novel Martin Eden

Other uses

  • Wiki wiki dollar, a 1960s gasoline give-away promotion
  • Wiki Wiki Shuttle, a Hawaiian airport bus system
  • WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organisation that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media provided by anonymous sources

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