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Wikibase logo.svg
Developer(s)Wikimedia Deutschland
Initial release2012[1]
TypeMediaWiki extension

Wikibase is a set of MediaWiki extensions for working with versioned data in a central repository. Its primary components are the Wikibase Repository, an extension for storing and managing data, and the Wikibase Client which allows for the retrieval and embedding of structured data from a wikibase repository. Wikibase was developed for and is used by Wikidata.[2]

The data model for Wikibase links consists of "entities" which include individual "items", labels or identifier to describe them (potentially in multiple languages), and semantic statements that attribute "properties" to the item. These properties may either be other items within the database, or textual information.[3]

Wikibase has a JavaScript-based user interface, and provides exports of all or subsets of data in many formats. Projects using it include Wikidata, Europeana's Eagle Project, the Droid Wiki,[4] and the OpenStreetMap wiki.[5]

Wikibase explainer video.


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