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Wikinvest is an investment portal that uses the wiki format. It is available online and via an app. Wikinvest was also a winner in the 2008 SXSW Interactive Web Awards.[1]


Wikinvest was founded in 2006 by Parker Conrad and Michael Sha.[2] As of November 2008, the site covered over 1800 companies and over 180 economic issues, and had around 1400 contributors.

Wikinvest also provided a syndication service for financial bloggers, the Wikinvest Wire. Additionally, the site's WikiCharts feature allowed financial charts to be annotated as well as embedded in other websites.

Contributions fell under two main categories, companies and concepts. The former offered financial and business analysis on individual corporations, whereas the latter examined trends in broader economic issues. In addition to being an information resource for the public, the site's financial analysis has also been cited in mainstream business publications such as the Wall Street Journal.[3]


In May 2012, Wikinvest announced that it would be a portfolio tracking and investment adviser referral service with a new name, SigFig.[4]

As of 2 June 2012, Wikinvest had 400,000 users.[2] Parker Conrad and Michael Sha said that Wikinvest would eventually be phased out.[4]

As of November, 2015, the Wikinvest website continues to work, but the mobile apps no longer function. Accounts are now mirrored to with the same username and password as the Wikinvest website, but with new, additional features available.


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