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Welcome to the Community portal!

This page provides a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news about English Wikipedia. New to Wikipedia? See the contributing to Wikipedia page for everything you need to know to get started. For a listing of internal project pages of interest, see the department directory.

Interact more

For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the Wikipedia:Dashboard.

Help out

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try. (See Wikipedia:Task Center for brief guides.)

Help counter systemic bias by creating new articles on important women.

Help improve popular low quality articles.

Community bulletin board

The Signpost
29 June 2018
WikiProject Missing Encyclopedic articles
(% done)
Project page—The goal of this project is to ensure that Wikipedia has a corresponding article for every article in every other encyclopedia. Sign in!
Monthly focus: MacTutor biographies 30 left
1911 verification: 25.0%
ACF Regionals answers: 64.1%
Hotlist of topics: 88.7%
General topics: 79.6%
Science topics: 92%
Catholic Encyclopedia: 86.2%
Easton's Bible Dictionary: 88%
Encyclopaedia Biblica : 69.5%
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology: 80.6%
Gutenberg authors : 57.1%
Jewish Encyclopedia : 39%
Literary Encyclopedia: 81.9%
Polish Biographical Dictionary: 6%
Find-A-Grave: 86.8%
Stanford Archive answers 98.2%
Missing paintings 64.4%
Many other lists of politicians, songs, TV shows and others.
Overall progress: 65.2%
Spread the word through {{Project missing articles}}

General notices

  • If you like high-energy projects, come join the Portals WikiProject. We are developing a new generation of automated portals with better news feeds, picture displays, and auto-updating content. We're looking for creative editors to take part. If you'd like to try your hand at transclusion, templates, Lua, page layout, or you like to use wikitools, this project is for you. JavaScript programmers are also needed, to help the project understand what is possible. If you prefer small or repetitive tasks, join our elite squad of WikiGnomes. If you believe it is time to take content presentation on Wikipedia to the next level, we need you. Members receive updates on their talk pages to keep up with our rapid pace of development.
  • A project is under way to add short descriptions to all articles. This is mainly for the benefit of mobile users searching Wikipedia. Help is welcomed – please visit WikiProject Short descriptions to learn more.
  • Announcing SearchSuite. It provides user control over search results: it can strip them down to a single-spaced list, sort, and more. Most of its features are presented as menu item toggles to turn each feature on/off. Each menu-item-controlled feature works on the output of all the others, in both their on and off states. Feedback and feature suggestions welcome.
  • Do you have need for a specialized script that doesn't exist yet, or have an idea for a cool new script or gadget? Post requests and ideas at Wikipedia:User scripts/Requests.
  • Free subscriptions to high-quality paywalled journals, newspaper archives, and online reference works are available for Wikipedia editors. For more information, see Wikipedia:The Wikipedia Library/Databases

Projects seeking help

Also consider posting WikiProject, Task Force, and Collaboration news at the Signpost's WikiProject Report page.

WikiProjects and Task Forces

  • Wikipedia:Typo Team/moss just got a fresh batch (from the July 1, 2018 database dump) of articles with misspelled words, and words missing from Wiktionary. Stop by and experience the satisfaction of fixing all the misspellings in an article on the topic of your choice!


New outlines
Under construction
Nearing completion (need remainder of annotations added)
Attention needed
Need link placement


Update: The portal system upgrade is proceeding full steam ahead. So far, 3 standard sections have been redesigned to be automated (self-updating) and nearly maintenance-free: the introduction section, the categories section, and the Associated Wikimedia section. Of those, the intro and Wikimedia sections have been upgraded on almost all the existing portals. Other sections that have new components being designed for them: Selected article, Selected picture, In the news, and Did you know. New standard features under development and testing include Selected item sections (where the "item" is subject-dependent), recognized content sections, picture slideshows, excerpt slideshows, and panoramas. The Portals WikiProject has become an idea lab. Ideas and edits are welcome. Come tell us what you would like the portals of the future to be able to do. Make a wish. It may very well come true.

Recently added or overhauled portals
You can find more portals to work on at Portal:Contents/Portals

Discussions and collaborations

Discussions in the following areas have requested wider attention via Requests for comment:

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How to make a table on a page

Using the Wikipedia text editor:

  1. Click on "Advanced" at the top of the editing box
  2. Click on Vector toolbar insert table button.png icon
  3. Add data into cells, rows or columns
  4. Provide an edit summary and save your work

Another box will appear allowing you to set up the number of rows and columns and style of the table.

Using the Visual Editor:

  1. Click on "Insert" near the top of the page
  2. Click on "Table"
  3. Click on each cell or drag across multiple cells
  4. Merge, add or delete cells as needed
  5. Click on "Properties" to assign properties to cells, rows, or columns
  6. Insert data into cells, rows or columns
  7. Provide an edit summary and save your work
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