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A great many people have contributed photographs to Wikipedia. Many of those photographs were found on the Net; others were created by the Wikipedian. To appear on this list you must be a Wikipedian who has either contributed your own work to the project or is willing to do so.

In order to be found by people (details) looking for a photographer close to a location to fulfill their requests, please add yourself in alphabetical order, add a link to your location (article that contains coordinates) and please keep any comments very short.

You may also add this userbox to your user page.

Please include a link to your User page and also to a wiki gallery of your work, if you maintain one. You may also want to add yourself to Wikipedia:Photo Matching Service and to one or more subcategories at Category:Commons photographers if you contributed your photos to Commons.

Wikipedian Gallery Location Requests accepted Interests/other requests accepted
Ahoerstemeier yes Aachen, Germany most photos are from trips to Thailand
AlanFord yes Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Alight yes Connecticut
AllyUnion list @ user page Southern California
Amadeust yes North America
Amadscientist yes Northern California Long-time photographer, still amateur. Requests taken.
AmosWolfe   Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK
Andersju yes Stockholm, Sweden
Anindya yes external India North America Amateur Photography (wildlife, Architecture, nature, nightlife), happy to take requests
Antilived yes Auckland, New Zealand Retouching, panorama stitching
Arad Mojtahedi yes Montreal, Canada I take photos from any subjects. I also do Retouching, panorama stitching.
Arpingstone list Bristol, England
Asbestos Commons Boston, Massachusetts
Asenine Commons Newcastle upon Tyne, England I take requests, but bear in mind Newcastle is not a wealth of photography opportunities.
Asiir yes Washington, D.C. Happy to take requests
Athol Mullen Commons Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia Mostly cars, car components and roads, but can do other things.
AUtiger yes Atlanta, Georgia Architecture, sports, travel; happy to consider requests.
Bamse external Tokyo, Kanagawa, Japan happy to take requests
Barbablumen external Sicily, Italy Objects have feelings. And everything can speak to my eyes. I just try to catch what i cannot see. Photos are fake games with the time. If you like it, share it!
Bashari external Kuwait City, Kuwait Night photography, City, Architecture, Portrait; Can contribute with photos of Kuwait.
Belizian yes Belize I'll take pics of anything in Belize, as long as it's legal!
Bergsten Commons Stockholm, Sweden
Bill Whittaker yes Iowa
BlueShade   Warsaw, Poland
Brad Beattie yes Vancouver, Canada
Brighterorange yes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
BrineStans Commons Tennessee, United States Willing to contribute photos of Southeastern U.S.
Brookie Some on User pages Grendon, near Northampton
Bytebear yes Southern California Mostly LDS Temple architecture, but any interesting building will do. Also a frequent guest of Disneyland.
Cacophony yes Portland, Oregon
Camw yes Sydney, Australia Primarily sport, but happy to take requests for anything else
Canticle Commons California in North Bay Area down to Santa Barbara. Just ask. Just about any subject. High quality digital photography.
Carcharoth Commons London, England Amateur photography, happy to take requests.
Carnildo Commons Inland Northwest, USA
Carptrash   New Mexico architecture and sculpture
CGP yes London. Please let me know of any requests for London images.
Chameleon yes Valencia
Charlesjsharp Commons Oxford, UK Wildlife - 2014 destinations South Africa, Jamaica
Childzy yes Lancashire Landscapes, Mountains, Local buildings
Chris Bayley yes Shropshire, England, UK
Chris 73 yes  
Chrys yes Stuttgart, Germany / Europe
Chmouel Boudjnah yes Sydney, Australia. Travels around the world.
ComputerHotline Commons Belfort, Franche-Comté, France Macrophotographs / Astrophotographs, abandoned location (ruins,...), landscape.
Cybjorg yes Middle East
Dannycas   Northern New Jersey, and Galicia request something if necessary.
DangApricot yes Summit County, Ohio and Portage County, Ohio
Darwinek Commons Czeski Cieszyn, Czech Republic
Dave.Dunford yes United Kingdom mostly nature and UK countryside
David4286 Rochester, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota (home and college)
David Crawshaw yes Australia, in a few weeks, Italy
David Spalding   Durham, North Carolina
Dawson yes Austin, Texas Reptiles and amphibians
DeltaOmega yes Singapore
Dev1n External Los Angeles / Global
Dewet yes Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa anything I feel like...
Diligent Terrier yes United States
dheerav2   Boston, USA Anything in the Boston area. I also have a lot of photos from various travels that I would be willing to share
Dmn yes United Kingdom: Cambridge
DO'Neil yes Sydney, Australia
Dori yes Madison, Wisconsin misc
Douglas Whitaker yes Fort Lauderdale/Gainesville, Florida Happy to take requests, mostly available in Gainesville and South Florida, but able to travel somewhat
Dr. Marcus Gossler Commons Graz, Austria, library and local objects
Drumguy8800 yes; also External Gallery Dallas, Texas Any requests from site or other just ask.
Denni yes Alberta nature, graffiti, miscellania
Eagle   Dhahran and Austin, Texas.
East London Line   London, England
Ebyabe Commons Florida, primarily north and central Mostly NRHPs and state parks, but can take photos of other stuff whilst in the area.
ed g2s yes London
Editor at Large (Ayelie) under construction Yes In and around Ottawa or Waterloo, Ontario (Canada). People places events or paperclips, whatever is necessary :)
Elf list; yes California — Mostly in the south San Francisco Bay area, but sometimes in other parts of the state. dogs, plants, random
Enochlau yes Sydney, Australia
epolk   Southern California Historic sites, monuments, and structures. Open to other requests
the Epopt   Westchester, California
Ericd yes Cannes, France
Eric Pouhier Commons and Homepage Paris and France, FR
Evan C External Melbourne, Australia (and surrounds) Railways
Evil Monkey Yes Christchurch, New Zealand and Invercargll, New Zealand
EVula Commons Nashville, Tennessee Not too much right now, but I've got a list of places to snap once I have some spare time.
EWaverley   Southfields, London Architecture, but happy to take other requests
LFaraone   San Francisco
Finlay McWalter list Scotland
Fir0002 yes Australia
Florian Prischl Commons Vienna and some other parts of Austria Hobby photographer, all topics and subjects
Forrest Croce Seattle, Washington Landscapes, Cityscapes
Foobar   See: Gallium
FrancisTyers   Aberystwyth, Wales Also Europe, see my User Page for link to gallery.
Fruggo yes Groningen, Netherlands
G-Man yes Rugby, Warwickshire, English Midlands
Gaz yes Brisbane
Gbponz   Torino, Piemonte, Italy
General Eisenhower yes I find pictures of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Geraldshields11 yes Washington, D.C. in the USA I prefer portraiture.
Gerry Ashton   Rutland County, Vermont
Gisle yes Oslo, Norway Have camera, will travel.
GJL yes Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Gnangarra Commons Perth, Western Australia.
Gobeirne yes Christchurch, New Zealand and Perth, Western Australia
Gphoto yes River Valley, Arkansas If you need something, just ask
Gothick Commons, Bristol, UK
Graham Ruckert yes Brisbane, Queensland Motor racing, rallying, historic and classic cars, Australian landscape and history.
GrantNeufeld yes Calgary Public figures, locations in the Calgary area, activism, protests
Grendelkhan yes Eastern Connecticut various and sundry objects
GregoryWalters   Colorado
Greudin   Provence, Var, France
Grunt yes Calgary, Alberta, Canada whatever I feel like :)
Guyking   See: Sand sculpture
Hackajar   Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Halibutt Commons Warsaw, Poland
HighInBC yes Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
HorsePunchKid yes Brooklyn see also my external gallery; happy to contribute these where appropriate, just ask!
Huwmanbeing yes Documenting small towns in Indiana.
Ian Ang yes Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Kansas/Missouri, US
Ian Manka Commons Greater Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Ilmari Karonen yes Helsinki, Finland nature, sky, miscellaneous
Intersofia yes Southern California Aerial Views, Aircraft, Architecture, Lovely French Actresses, Mexico. You name it.
Jacob Rus at user page sometimes in Southern California, Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico; currently in San Francisco
James Shelton Richmond, Virginia, Chesterfield County, Virginia and Henrico County, Virginia Amateur Photography, buildings, wildlife, but happy to take requests
User:Janke yes Hanko and Helsinki, Finland
Jason Starr external San Francisco, California, USA Professional photographer specializing in urban exploration, night photograph and fashion - available for requests.
Jaqian yes Dublin, Ireland Amateur Photography, happy to take requests
jb17kx Melbourne, Australia Anything, really. Requests welcome.
Jastrow Commons Paris, France Museum exhibits (Louvre, Petit Palais, Musée de Cluny, etc.), some press pictures. Available for requests.
James F. yes UK: London, Cam, Leam primarily buildings
Jen Lucas yes Jersey, Channel Islands Landscapes, Weddings (informal), Children. Available for requests
JeremyA Commons Chicago
Jim.henderson   New York Metropolitan Area Places, infrastructure
jjron Gallery South-east Australia, especially Gippsland and Melbourne Places, nature, sport, miscellany
J Logan Commons London (esp. Docklands), United Kingdom. Dorset/Somerset and area, United Kingdom (may take longer).
Jniemenmaa yes Stockholm, Sweden
JimCollaborator yes Seattle, Washington
Jeff Leiper On Ottawa, Ontario, Canada People, Events, Architecture, misc.
Johann Wolfgang yes Canada Coins, stamps, etc.
joergens.mi joergens.mi
pictures (German)
Freiburg im Breisgau, southwestern Germany Architecture, churches, fruit, flowers, vegetables, technical, ....
jp498 External Midcoast Maine
Jtkiefer yes  
JuergenL external Southern Germany Mostly aircraft photos
Kasia Maliszewska external Scotland People, social events, architecture and landscapes of Edinburgh
pl:Kpjas yes Polish Wikipedian
KaiAdin yes Sydney, Australia Anything within the Sydney CBD
KayEss yes Thailand, UK, Norway
Kelly Martin Commons, external Chicago, Illinois
Ken Thomas Commons Lenoir, North Carolina, USA Happy to take requests for wildlife, landscapes, or locations in western North Carolina or the southern Appalachians
King yes Manitoba I'd be happy to capture landscapes or unique locations in Southern Manitoba.
Ole Kils yes Atlantic City USA Flensburg Germany Copenhagen Denmark
Uwe Kils yes Atlantic City USA Flensburg Germany Science photography featured: icefish - compound eye
KirinX   Victoria, British Columbia, Vancouver Island Filling in pics, any requests...
Kjkolb yes Various photographs from the Central Coast of California and a wide variety of power plants in California and southeastern Nevada, will consider requests
Koh Jun Lin   Kulim, Kedah I'll shoot everything I can get my lens on, but I don't travel often.
Kralizec! yes Ohio Amateur photography with a focus on architecture, landmarks, landscapes, and nature.
KQ yes  
Ktr101   Cape Cod, Massachusetts I'll try to take what is requested
Lan56 Commons San Fernando Valley, California
Lazarus-long yes Idaho Falls, Idaho Whatever I can contribute, railroads mostly.
Leonard G. Some on my user page San Francisco Bay Area, Contra Costa County
Leepaxton yes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, mostly, and some around the region too (Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia). I take pictures of musical performances and performers, art displays, nature scenes, town locations, monuments, as well as historic sites and buildings.
Lewis Hulbert Commons Yateley, Hampshire, UK I mostly take photos of architecture, but sometimes other things. I'll consider all requests, but I may be unable to complete some, especially if the distance is further away from me.
Lipton_sale   Washington, D.C. Amateur photographer, open to requests in D.C.
Loadmaster Commons Plano, Texas Amateur photographer
LordHarris yes Dorset, London
Lowell Silverman yes Maryland and Delaware (USA), although most of my contributions were taken in Japan.
Luis Dantas Commons Brasília, Brazil Mainly urban buildings, but I'm open. May attempt a macro sometime. Short videos are also a possibility.
Lupin yes  
luridiformis external[dead link] Dorset, England Amateur photographer / field mycologist / a.k.a. Zonda Grattus
Mactographer See user page Fremont, California, USA Weddings,portraits, panoramas, retouching
Maetrics On Photosig Washington, D.C., USA
Mailer Diablo yes Singapore  
Malene and Commons I am from Randers, Denmark My newest contributions are found on my Commons gallery, i.e., my featured pics. Requests are welcome. Please contact me on my talk page on Wikimedia Commons.
Marc aviles yes San Jose, California Travel, wedding, and portraits Photographer. Happy to take requests
Master Runner   I'm in Portland, Oregon would be happy to take any pictures you need.
Mav yes  
Marius yes Brescia, Italy
Martinman11   Louisville, Kentucky
Marty55 Yes Montreal, Canada I shoot feature and news events.
Marumari external, list on user page Minneapolis, Minnesota
MathieuMD Commons Tarn and Haute-Garonne (Occitanie, France) and Ishikawa (Chūbu, Japan)
Matthew Matic   UK
Maurauth   Hampshire, UK Amateur, will take any requests in south Hampshire.
Maximus Rex yes ancient coins
MC MasterChef yes Karatsu, Japan
Mfield yes & External Hollywood, Los Angeles, California Happy to take requests - architecture, nature, landscape, QTVR, panoramas, macro. Also PP/retouching.
Mhollo Ann Arbor, Michigan and surrounding areas Amateur, requests welcome
MichaelMaggs Commons Bath, Somerset and West Hertfordshire, UK I'm happy to accept requests for images. Macro/closeup shots are of particular interest.
mikaul Commons, userpage Barcelona, Spain Wines, vines, architecture, travel, people and miscallaneous Spanish things. Ask me for image enhancement, shot requests, photo advice.
Minesweeper yes  
Montanabw Commons Montana, USA Horses, mountains, general interest
Montrealais yes  
Moochocoogle yes Cardiff, UK
Moondigger on user page Northeastern U.S.
Morris MacIver on profile page Aberdeen and often Isle of Lewis, Scotland
Morwen yes  
MPerdomo yes Baltimore, Maryland, yes
Mpftmead yes on profile Fort Meade, Maryland, yes
Msc44 yes Wyomissing/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania requests are welcome.
MvdHout   Goirle, Netherlands
Mwanner yes Saranac Lake, New York, Florida State Parks Mostly nature and state parks, lakes and hiking trails. Requests welcome.
MykReeve yes Based in London compulsive traveller
Nebrot Commons Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Anything you need, just ask!
NathanWert Yes Lancaster, New Hampshire I'm up for almost any photos.
Nehrams2020 yes Atwater and San Diego, California, USA have pictures from all over the United States and several countries through extensive travel
NeilEvans yes Liverpool, England Amateur photographs
Nelson San Francisco, California, USA I travel a lot
Neutrality yes South Florida
Newton2   UK
Nhan To-Doan   Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam Landscape, macro, architecture
User:Niro5 yes Washington, D.C., Syracuse, New York I travel a lot, I've been to over 20 countries, and I have a lot of pictures that I would still like to add from my journeys.
User:Nsaum75 Regular & Panoramics The state of Oaxaca in Mexico and Texas in the USA I travel quite a lot. Also open to contributing photos that I upload to
Nv8200p Commons Central Texas, USA
Nyttend Commons USA: Belle Center, Ohio in the summer, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania during the schoolyear
Palnu external San Francisco, USA mostly music, musicians.
PANICAVOID external Lempaut, France mostly landscapes, flowers, gardens.
PANONIAN yes Novi Sad and neighbouring places (Serbia)
Paul Bates 1973 Commons Caterham, England Amateur photography, happy to take requests in Caterham and surounding areas.
Paul Moss yes Wellington, New Zealand Astronomy/Atmospheric Images, official home page
Paradiso yes Toronto, Canada
Paranoid   Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Parhamr yes Oregon BFA graphic design — a visual jack of all trades. Requests welcome.
Parrot of Doom yes Manchester Television cameraman and part-time photographer. Requests welcome.
Paulbrock   London All sorts really, anything in and around London. Have a large collection of photos so may not even have to leave the house!
Peregrine981 yes Halifax, Canada
Pharaoh Hound yes Nova Scotia, Canada Mostly flowers, some domestic animals. Requests for photos of annual plants welcome
Photo44 (Rik)   nr Manchester, UK Travel shots UK and Europe; requests welcome.
phuriphat external Blacksburg and Richmond, Virginia
PiccoloNamek Yes, Loganville, Georgia, seven Featured Pictures. [1]. Will take requests for anything in the Atlanta area.
pietopper external Africa, USA, Far East, Europe Wildlife, birds, food, travel, people
Pixel8 Yes London, United Kingdom yes Tokyo, Japan. Japanese festivals, sumo, travel
Pollinator yes Eastern USA Nature, history, geography
Pomakis Commons from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but photos from everywhere
pptudela   Mexico, almost any part Please request photos!
Pratheepps yes India
Pschemp yes Texas. Southwest US Anywhere in the world — I travel a lot.
Queerbubbles Yes Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland (but not very often) Request away!
R6MaY89 yes North-Western Delaware
Raelx External South-East Connecticut Anything Bicycle related would be easy for me to get
Ram-Man Commons Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware Nature (Plants, Animals, etc.), Landscapes, Places
Raul654 yes  
Ravn yes Berlin, Germany travelling
redjar list Mostly Vermont common objects
resonanteye list Eugene Oregon plants,animals, objects,medical and tattoo-related
Rdikeman yes Ohio, USA
Rdsmith4 Commons midwestern USA
Rhobite yes Capital Region and Central Connecticut, USA Anything
Richmeister yes Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Rklawton yes Citizen of the World, USA
Rodw yes Somerset and Bristol UK Buildings, Industrial Heritage and similar
Rollie   Northen Ireland, UK Birds, Farmyard animals,Cars, basically anything!
rogerd yes Central Indiana, US Buildings, scenic, military, and just about anything else
Royadkins External Jackson, Mississippi
Ruby Rose65   Central Coast, California Sunsets, nature, Gold Rush, Beaches, Requests in California just ask!
Ry4nolson yes & Beaumont, Texas
Ryanx7 yes Ceres, California Amateur photographer, most anything, happy to take requests
sam_giles2001 Birmingham, UK Birmingham and surrounding areas ask and i'll see what i can do!
Sandstein Here are some Bern (Switzerland) and environs
sannse yes UK varied subjects
Scoo, Commons Finland, mainly Turku and Ostrobothnia.
Schifres, Lucas yes Anywhere in China Professional documentary photographer happy to take requests.
SDAlu yes Versailles, France.
sdgjake yes South Dakota, SW Minnesota, NW Iowa Requests
Semnoz yes Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France
SeeFood yes Israel
Serial Number 54129 Sort of; see TP, stuff on WC East London
SethWoodworth Moses Lake, Washington Seattle, Washington Macro Photography, landscapes, studio/portrait and event photograph
Shaddack yes Mostly images of technology
Shivashree Picasa Nagpur Photos of places in Nagpur
Skarg yes Conyers,Georgia, Carlsbad, California, and Birmingham, Alabama, USA Local sites of interest, historical sites
Skoch3 (talk) Commons Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Amateur
Slambo yes Madison, Wisconsin mostly rail transport subjects
SMC yes Brisbane, Australia Anything "general".
Snoyes yes  
Solar yes London Prehistoric Sites, Travel, Occult and Paranormal related.
Solarapex yes Boston, Massachusetts. Also American Southwest (just ask, I may have it.) I'm not a professional photographer.
Somebody in the WWW yes Australia
Secretlondon list London
Spahi yes Central Florida, USA
Spangineer yes Pennsylvania, USA, with pictures from travels as often as possible.
Stan Shebs yes southern Nevada, Mojave Desert, southeastern California ships, plants, travels, stamps, misc
Staxringold yes Connecticut
Joe D (Steinsky) yes Bristol/Dorset/England
Stepheng3 yes Sonoma County, California
Stevekeiretsu yes London, England
SteveHopson yes Texas
Stifle   London, United Kingdom Accepted
Tabercil Commons Southern Ontario
Takver yes Melbourne, Australia
Takwish Commons External Inland Empire Amateur. Plants, geography, buildings and landmarks of the Inland Empire area.
Tannin yes Australia mostly birds and wildlife
Tarquin Binary Commons London, mostly pix of London so far.
Texgal13 yes Sicily, Italy, European Theatre very soon Statues, vineyards, ancient artifacts, people, nature, and more.
Thisisbossi yes All in the USA: Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; though my images are from all over the place.
Thivierr(Rob) yes Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tinucherian yes Bangalore and Kerala, India
The Utahraptor yes Utah I like photographing landscapes, such as mountains, meadows, etc.
Thorup(Sherry) yes Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida, USA 1000s photos of S. Florida/Bahamas/Panama Canal...taken over past 30 years...ships/boats/historic/wildlife/landscape/etc. Will photograph anything.
Thryduulf external (in progress) Somerset, UK. Travel all over UK Historical buildings/landscapes/re-enactment, transport (rail, road).
TimothyPilgrim yes Ajax, Ontario Canada Whatever I can contribute.
Tim Pierce Commons Greater Boston, Massachusetts (Cambridge, Boston and Metro Northwest)
towo Commons Cologne, Leverkusen, Hürth, Bonn and other close-ish locations in Germany
Todfox external Austin, Texas, United States. Frequently visit Bryan, Texas/College Station, Texas.
Toglenn Commons Hollywood, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, California, United States Celebrities, fashion, glamour, product

advertisement, events, beauty, portfolios, headshots, lifestyle

Tom Webb yes Photography requests for NZ (Mainly Auckland): Auckland, New Zealand; Please place your requests on my talk page.
Tpower   Ireland. Living in Limerick, but from Wexford Amateur
Triddle yes Camas, Washington
ukexpat yes Wilmington, Delaware area and United Kingdom
MrX Yes Orlando, Florida Architecture, abandoned buildings, ruins, historical sites
UpstateNYer Commons Albany, New York
Uspn external Oslo, Norway, but traveling the world in general.
Uncke Herb   Melbourne, Australia
Varco Commons Buffalo, New York Yes (in my profile) Bangalore, India Hyderabad earlier, now in Bangalore
Vijayant Das Wiki Page Ahmedabad, India Night photography, Long exposure, Landscape, Portraits; Can contribute with photos of Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India.
WAvegetarian yes Home in Seattle, Washington, college in Oberlin, Ohio, summer in San Juan Islands, property on Whidbey Island
Wesley R. Elsberry   Home in Eaton Rapids, Michigan; Lansing area Can do copy, macro, photomicroscopy, stereo, infrared, high dynamic range (HDR), panorama, time exposure plus the usual portraiture and scenics. Can do videography and editing as well. Will take requests.
Willtron Commons, Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
WPPilot Commons, Vimeo & WireImage Professional - Getty Images covers: USA, Japan, Thailand, Norway, Jamaica, Islands of Hawaii and The Bahamas I provide architectural and aerial photographic and video services on a global basis, to the Commercial Real Estate and Marine industries. I am based in Boca Raton, Florida and Newport Beach, California.
wpktsfs yes United States
Xeviro yes Jakarta, Indonesia
Xanthine   Nottingham, UK
Xugglybug Derby/Manchester, UK Primarily documentary/candid style, will happily take requests. Travels frequently around the UK.
Yummifruitbat Commons Cardiff and Bristol, UK
Zanimum list Suburban Ontario, Canada
Zaui yes Sandy, Utah (suburb of Salt Lake City)
Zetlan external Herndon, Virginia near Washington, D.C. Some travel in and around the USA and Europe. Will contribute stock, portrait, travel, or other images as requested, including anything from my Web site, blog, or royalty-free image collection
Zz9pzza Cambridge, Cambridge University An Amateur Photographer.
Commons Westchester County, New York, New York City
Wikipedian Gallery Location Requests accepted Interests/other requests accepted

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