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Monte Ne is a former health resort and planned community in the U.S. state of Arkansas, open from 1901 to the mid-1930s. It was owned and operated by William Hope Harvey, a financial theorist and writer, in the Ozark hills of the White River valley east of Rogers on the edge of Beaver Lake. Two of its hotels, Missouri Row and Oklahoma Row, were the largest log buildings in the world at the time, and Oklahoma Row's tower is one of the earliest examples of a multi-story concrete structure. The resort was not a financial success, due in part to Harvey's management style, and shortly after his death the property was sold off. The remainder of the resort and town was almost completely submerged after Beaver Lake was created in 1964. The severely vandalized Oklahoma Row tower is the only remaining structure that can be seen at normal lake levels. The area on the edge of Beaver Lake still referred to as Monte Ne, owned and managed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, serves mainly as a boat ramp. (Full article...)

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Amfleet I coaches at Kingston station (Rhode Island)
Amfleet I coaches at Kingston station (Rhode Island)

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Chris Froome with the yellow jersey at the Tour de Romandie 2013
Chris Froome

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July 24: Pioneer Day in Utah (1847)

Rescuers at the Santiago de Compostela derailment
Rescuers at the Santiago de Compostela derailment

Muhammad ibn Tughj al-Ikhshid (d. 946) · Prince William, Duke of Gloucester (b. 1689) · Zelda Fitzgerald (b. 1900)

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Zehnder's is a restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan, that serves American or midwestern-style food, including all-you-can-eat chicken dinners. Built in a former hotel, it has seating for 1,500 people and a total annual patronage of approximately a million people. In the 1980s, it was one of the ten largest restaurants in the United States.

Photograph: Chris Woodrich

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