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U.S. Route 113 sign

U.S. Route 113 (US 113) extends 75 miles (121 km) from US 13 in Pocomoke City, Maryland, north to Delaware Route 1 in Milford. The highway, which until 2003 reconnected with US 13 in Dover, Delaware, serves the Maryland towns of Snow Hill and Berlin and the Delaware towns of Selbyville, Millsboro, and Georgetown. It follows the corridor of a post road established in the late 18th century. The route was improved as an all-weather road in the 1910s. The Delaware portion of the route, including the former designation from Milford to Dover, was built by Thomas Coleman DuPont's company as the DuPont Highway, the first sections of which were completed on May 24, 1917. DuPont foresaw that traffic on highways would approach the speed and volume of railroads, so he designed the highway with a wide right of way and curves and grades adequate for high speed traffic. The DuPont Highway was one of the earliest roads built with bypasses, roads that passed close to towns but not directly through them. US 113 was widened and reconstructed in the 1930s and 1940s, including a bypass of Dover. The route was expanded to a divided highway starting in the 1950s. (Full article...)

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Barn the Spoon
Barn the Spoon

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Manchester Arena in 2006
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May 24: Aldersgate Day (Methodism); Independence Day in Eritrea (1993); Jerusalem Day in Israel (2017)

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

Germanicus (b. 15 BC) · David I of Scotland (d. 1153) · Jan Smuts (b. 1870)

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Water rail

The water rail (Rallus aquaticus) is a bird of the rail family which breeds in well-vegetated wetlands across Europe, Asia and North Africa. Northern and eastern populations are migratory, but this species is a permanent resident in the warmer parts of its breeding range. The adult is 23–28 cm (9–11 in) long, and breeds in reed beds and other marshy sites with tall, dense vegetation. These rails are vulnerable to flooding or freezing conditions, loss of habitat and predation by mammals and large birds. The introduced American mink has exterminated some island populations, but overall the species' large range and numbers mean that it is not considered to be threatened.

Photograph: Pierre Dalous

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