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Hi, I'm User:Deathgleaner, and this is my proposal and ideas about a new main page. This is currently a work-in-progress, so please be patient.

The design is currently getting pretty close to a final prototype, but many improvements will have to be made.

My idea[edit]


Nuvola apps edu science.png


  • Left side: Welcome to Wikipedia
  • Right side: Dynamic date and time

First row: Welcome to Wikipedia and info about the project.
Second row:

  • First block- Statistics
  • Second block- Calendar and This Day in History

Third Row:

  • First block- Today's Featured Article
  • Second block- WP Portals

Fourth Row: Featured image and description
Fifth Row:

  • First block- Intrawiki Links
  • Second block- Interwiki Links

Sixth Row: Language links without a box

Deathgleaner 03:40, 3 August 2008 (UTC)

The colours of the headers should be changed every month to create less monotony.

The width of each section should be adjusted daily to create equal length.

To Do[edit]

1- We should change the color scheme to slightly more vivid and contrasting colors, yet, still light colours as to not pierce the eyes of the person looking at the page. This way, the Main Page won't look so bland.

Try this colour scheme:
#FF7F50 for the backgrounds of the headers of the left section
#D2B48C for the backgrounds of the headers of the right section
#B0C4DE for the backgrounds of any headers stretching the entire length of the Main Page
#F5F5F5 for the background on each section except the header
#5F9EA0 for the borders, incl. banner

2- More icons! They're so cool!!!

In progress; at least in portal section. Making sure these are Nuvola or Crystal Clear icons.

3- Put portal links below header
4- Change headers so they are not independent boxes, but "boxes without borders" connected to the main box (the big one containing the headers)
5- Figure out where to put wiki news (NOT Current Events)

Pending ideas[edit]

  • Just one on this day in history is enough; users usually don't look at all 6 or however the hecka many there are

My idea IN ACTION!!![edit]

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