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Cincinnati's Music Hall in 2013
Music Hall, the site of the convention

The 1880 Democratic National Convention met June 22–24, 1880, at the Music Hall (pictured) in Cincinnati, Ohio, nominating Winfield S. Hancock of Pennsylvania for president and William H. English of Indiana for vice president. Six men were officially candidates for nomination at the convention, and several more received votes. The two leading candidates were Hancock and Thomas F. Bayard, a conservative senator from Delaware. Many Democrats believed that Samuel J. Tilden of New York had been unjustly deprived of the presidency in 1876 and hoped to rally around him in the 1880 campaign, but his intentions were unclear. The first round of balloting was inconclusive. After learning of Tilden's withdrawal before the second round of balloting, the delegates flocked to Hancock, a career soldier and Civil War hero, who was nominated. English, a conservative from a swing state, was nominated for vice president. Hancock and English were narrowly defeated by Republicans James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur that autumn. (Full article...)

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North Philadelphia station
North Philadelphia station

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Henrik Stenson in 2008
Henrik Stenson

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July 25: World Youth Day 2016 begins; Commonwealth Constitution Day in Puerto Rico (1952)

Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal
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Glassy carbon

Glassy carbon is a non-graphitizing, or nongraphitizable, carbon which combines glassy and ceramic properties with those of graphite. The most important properties are high temperature resistance, hardness (7 Mohs), low density, low electrical resistance, low friction, low thermal resistance, extreme resistance to chemical attack and impermeability to gases and liquids. Glassy carbon is widely used as an electrode material in electrochemistry, as well as for high temperature crucibles and as a component of some prosthetic devices, and can be fabricated as different shapes, sizes and sections.

Photograph: Heinrich Pniok

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