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This page is a chronology of events in year 2010 directly related to Wikipedia and Wikipedians, both within Wikipedia and in the whole wide world. Wikipedia events and events in sister projects (Wiktionary, Wikibooks, etc.) are listed as long as they are related to Wikipedia.

Additions to this page must follow certain rules,[1] because it is hoped that in 50 years or so this page will become a valuable source of scholar research.



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  1. ^ While formally Wikipedia:Verifiability and others of Wikipedia's content-controlling policies do not apply outside the main namespace, they must be strictly followed here, for the sake of scholarly discipline:
    • The listed event and its date must be mentioned in a wikilinked or externally linked reference. It is advised to consider an external link to a specific version of a Wikipedia page rather than a wikilink, if this page is linked for a critical but volatile piece of information.
    • Credible sources must be used only. Within Wikipedia, Wikipedia Signpost is one of them.
    • Trivial events must be avoided:
      • Random mentioning of Wikipedia belong to WP:MEDIA.
      • Routine Wikipedia activities, such as a promotion of an article to featured state, are generally not listed here, unless such events generate significant buzz outside its normal working scope.
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