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Welcome to the WikiProject O-Parts Hunter work group of WikiProject Anime and manga that aims to improve articles in relation to the manga series O-Parts Hunter (666 Satan (666~サタン~)), and expanding Wikipedia's coverage of related pages.

Brief synopsis[edit]

666 Satan (666 〜サタン〜, 666 Satan), renamed O-Parts Hunter in the English language editions, is a manga published by Enix (later Square Enix) under its Monthly Shonen Gangan imprint, and created by Seishi Kishimoto, the younger twin brother of Masashi Kishimoto, author of the manga series Naruto. The series draws heavily on Kabbalistic traditions, Judeo-Christian demonology, and Japanese folklore for its plot. Despite the fact that Viz changed the title; the contents remain unedited as the first volume was released, see O-Parts Hunter.


Our work group's scope includes all media and other substantially related materials to better construct and provide adequate and accurate information of such franchises. This may include international subjects necessary for comprehensive coverage of any related materials.

Guidelines, layouts and advice[edit]

Wikipedia guidelines and advice[edit]

This work group strives to comply with all Wikipedia's guidelines and policies, the ones here are listed for convenience and also may be particularly helpful when editing articles in relation to 666 Satan:


Organization of work group[edit]

Work on organizing this work group itself, possibly to match the examples set forth by other anime and manga related WikiProjects including, but not limited to: WP:DIGI, WP:GUNDAM, and WP:POKE.

Constructing a proper talk page[edit]

Section title is self explanatory.

Policing of poor edits[edit]

A problem that is seen on the O-Parts Hunter-related pages are users whom attempt to add POV edits as well as edits completely unnecessary. An example of such includes the Similarities section found upon the main page of O-Parts Hunter.

Possible Solutions
  • Change Patroling
  • Requesting Semi-Protection

General problems[edit]

Found below are general problems that plague all articles in relation to O-Parts Hunter at the moment.

Image problems[edit]

As of right now it is of utter importance that a Fair Use Rational is added to EVERY image we have in the O-Parts Hunter-related articles as if they are not added within a few days they will be deleted, and granted that one of ore members does have them all backed up on his computer(Ancientanubis, talk ) it'll be a major hassle for him to have to re-upload every single one so we need to work fairly quickly to fix them now, instead of constantly having to put in a table and re-type all the information for every image. A template that has been set up can be found(here) that has all the information that is the same for all the images permenantly put there, while the other stuff is added in (instructions on how to use the template will be on the above link)

Updates for image problems[edit]
  • 8/4/07 all angel/demon symbols have had a FUR added, along with all Manga Volume Covers
    • 8/5/07 upon one of our members recieving a message we may have to remove all the manga covers from the media section, and go for a look more along the lines of this
  • 8/9/07 havnt been able to work on them much but all that is left are the images in the o-part section(Ancientanubis, talk Editor Review)

Main Page[edit]

Important Links (talk history edit)

Below is a list of things that need to be done for the main page of 666 Satan

  • The main page can use some small touch-ups here and there. A main concern would be integrating Miko/Shin/Barisu's new nation (maybe merge it with the defunct Stea Republic) into the article. Also consider removing the similarities to Dragon Ball, because shonen manga generally have various criteria/formulas that identify them as shonen (irrelevant to the page). The Naruto similarities are significant to draw similarities in the twin manga-ka.
  • Re-upload 666 Satan volume 1 cover shot to be used for the main image on the 666 Satan page


Important Links (talk history edit)

Below is a list of things that need to be done for the characters section of 666 Satan

  • the main and foremost task is the wikification of the entire article
  • add certain characters that are not already in article (such as Ikaros).
  • after fairely important characters such as that there is the task of lengthening characters sections to the point where they actually have relivent information and are not stubs
Possible Solutions:
  • This page is a heaping jumble. I think the best solution would be to first give the main characters their own pages (Jio/Ruby/Cross/Ball to name a few). I could help with the relevant info once the structure falls into place.


Important Links (talk history edit)

Below is a list of things that need to be done for the O-Part section of 666 Satan

  • improve & lenthen all o-part profiles
  • double check all information posted(o-part ranks, 1st appearances, effects)

Angels & Demons[edit]

Important Links (talk history edit)

Below is a list of things that need to be done for the Angels & Demons section of 666 Satan

  • add the aproperiate images for some of the angels/demons that have appeared but yet to have a picture (Beelzebub, Sandalphon, Michael, and Satan)
Michael - Chapter 60, Page 18
Lilith - Chapter 70, Page 29
Sandalphon - Chapter 62, Page 11
Satan - Chapter 61, Combine Page 38 & 39 (This form of Satan is seen multiple times, without Jio)
Beelzebub - Chapter 48, Page 28 (Half form), Chapter 49, Page 33 &34 (Full)
  • also the usual lengthening and improvement of all profiles


Important Links (talk history edit)

Below is a list of things that need to be done for the Media section of 666 Satan

  • Removal of all volume covers as to allow the page to 'agree' with WP:FUR, mainly the section stating that the page currently is consitered a "gallery" of copyrighted images.
  • Finish adding summaries for all volumes.
    • Possible solutions:
      • Possibly going for a look similar to the list of Bleach chapters or the list of Naruto chapters, but would require research into ISBN codes of the volumes and summaries of each volume.
      • Correct usage of fair-use rationale as per lack of available free-usage media.

ISBN (EN) From

  • Vol. 1 1421508559
  • Vol. 2 1421508567
  • Vol. 3 1421508575
  • Vol. 4 1421508583
  • Vol. 5 1421508591


  • Vol. 1: 4757505973
  • Vol. 2 475750697X
  • Vol. 3 4757508107
  • Vol. 4 4757508735
  • Vol. 5 4757509634
  • Vol. 6 4757510721
  • Vol. 7 4757511434
  • Vol. 8 4757512201
  • Vol. 9 4757512961
  • Vol. 10 4757513631
  • Vol. 11 4757514549
  • Vol. 12 4757515510
  • Vol. 13 475751624X
  • Vol. 14 4757517017
  • Vol. 15 4757517963
  • Vol. 16 4757519834
  • Vol. 17 4757520263

List of members[edit]

If you are interested in joining and wish to contribute to our taskforce, please add your name below in the same format as the others:

Founding members[edit]

General members[edit]