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Do you already have a Wikipedia account? You can retrieve a forgotten password if you're having issues accessing your account. Or, you can change your username if wish to have it changed.
We cannot provide assistance or perform modifications to existing accounts. This place is for requesting new accounts only.

In most cases, users can create accounts without assistance. However, where problems arise (such as with the CAPTCHA image or the desired username), users may request an account be created for them.[1] To do this, please follow the instructions below.

English Wikipedia Username Policy

The following types of usernames are prohibited:

  • Promotional usernames:
    • Are the name of a company, organization, group, website, or product (including non-profit organizations)
    • Contain domain names or email addresses
  • Misleading usernames:
    • Are close to the names of celebrities, major world figures, or known Wikipedians
    • Contain words like "bot" or "script" which refer to any automated editing processes
    • Contain titles like "admin" or "sysop", which imply authority on Wikipedia
  • Offensive usernames:
    • Contain words or phrases that are likely to offend other contributors
    • Contain or imply personal attacks
  • Disruptive usernames:
    • Seem intended to provoke emotional reaction ("trolling")
    • Show a clear intent to disrupt Wikipedia


Before you begin:

  • Please review and understand Wikipedia's Username Policy, as any account request that violates this policy will not be approved.
  • Remember that you should only use one Wikipedia account. Any account requests that indicate that an existing account is present without good reason will not be approved.
  • Understand that this is not the place to delete or recover any accounts. If you have forgotten your password, and you did not register your account with an e-mail address, then it cannot be recovered. Your only option is to create a new account and request an usurption of your old username.

When you are ready to begin:

  1. Fill out both fields on the page linked below.
  2. Check your e-mail inbox in case you are notified about any updates or problems related to your request.
    • In some cases, requests are fulfilled in several minutes, but it may take longer depending on certain factors, so please be patient. Be sure to check your "spam" folder if you have not received an e-mail within several hours, although the process may take longer on rare occasions.
    • Once your account has been created successfully, you will receive an automated e-mail from stating your login credentials. You can use these to log in, where you will then be prompted to create a new password.

Further information

  • If you need any further information, please ask at the talk page.
  • For interface users who act on requests, please see the guide.


  1. ^ Because of users automatically creating accounts for vandalism, Wikipedia has been forced to prevent usernames being created that are too similar to existing usernames and to add an image (called a CAPTCHA) to the login process to confirm that users are not using an automated process. If you have attempted to create an account, but have chosen a username that is too similar to an existing username, or have been unable to read the CAPTCHA because you are using a screen reader, or a browser that does not support images, you're in the right place.