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The Advisory Council on Project Development was a group of Wikipedians that was formed at the invitation of the Arbitration Committee, with the endorsement of Jimbo Wales. Invitations were sent by Kirill Lokshin to an unknown number of people inviting them to become members. The criteria for selection had not been made public.

The announcement was met by immediate disapproval by a range of community members and a request for comment was created. Disapproval appeared to focus on the ArbCom, a body elected to arbitrate disputes, creating what was perceived to be a far-reaching Advisory Council on project development and other issues without community-wide input, and that the membership of the council ought to be elected.[1] Those supporting the creation of the council countered that since it was just an advisory think-tank, it would not have any powers and that it was not unusual for organizations to create advisory committees without elections.[2] As a result of the request for comment, the project was scrapped.

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