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Armenia Welcome![edit]

Բարի գալուստ or welcome to WikiProject Armenia, a WikiProject designed to make collaboration and improvement of articles related to Armenia and Armenians easier and more effective. This page and its subpages contain the suggestions of Wikipedians who are interested or have made substantial contributions to articles related to Armenia; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. Like the nation of Armenia itself, WikiProject Armenia is always growing. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there. For further information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

Divisions Scope[edit]

WikiProject Armenia came into being on March 28, 2006, when a group of Armenian Wikipedians realized that they had the opportunity to collaborate in a more organized and effective way on articles pertaining to Armenia and Armenians. However, participation is not only limited to Armenians; Wikipedians of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are more than welcome to participate.

Nuvola apps kuser.svg Participants[edit]

Participation in WikiProject Armenia is not limited to anyone; it's open to all editors who want to make positive contributions to Armenian-related topics. Please add your name to the list of participants below using {{user|username}} to join the project. If you don't have a Wikipedia account yet, you can sign up here.


























New articles[edit]

The following recent articles have been identified by a bot as likely to be related to Armenia:

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Nuvola apps kedit.png Requested articles[edit]

Vote icon.svg Government, law, and politics[edit]

  1. Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia
  2. Constitutional Court of Armenia
  3. Electoral system of Armenia
  4. Judicial system of Armenia
  5. Prosecutor General of Armenia
  6. Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia (Azgayin Zhoghov)
  7. Supreme Court of Armenia
  8. Armenian Ministry of Justice
  9. General Department of Civil Aviation (Քաղաքացիական ավիացիայի գլխավոր վարչություն)


  1. Amasiayi Shrjan, Armenia; (Amasiayi Shrjan, Amasiayi)
  2. Aparani Shrjan, Armenia; (Aparani Shrjan, Aparani)
  3. Akhuryani Shrjan, Armenia; (Akhuryani Shrjan, Akhuryani)

Flag of Armenia.svg National symbols[edit]

Nuvola filesystems www.png Foreign relations[edit]

  1. Armenian-Bulgarian relations
  2. List of Armenians among the Righteous Among the Nations

Nuvola apps kview.png Intelligence[edit]

  1. Armenian National Security Service

Nuvola apps konsole.png Economy[edit]

Geography Geography[edit]

  1. Ararat valley
  2. Azat valley
  3. Dilijan State Reserve
  4. Flora of Armenia
  5. Geology of Armenia
  6. Natural resources of Armenia
  7. Nature of Armenia
  8. Nature reserves in Armenia
  9. Orography of Armenia
  10. Vedi River
  11. Khosrov Forest Reserve
  12. Artanish Peninsula

Religion Religion[edit]

  1. Archbishop of Artsakh
  2. Jacob of Mtsbin
  3. Nor Varagavank Monastery
  4. St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral
  5. Armenian neopaganism
  6. Tseghakron
  7. First Council of Dvin (505-6)
  8. Second Council of Dvin (554-5)
  9. Third Council of Dvin (608-9)
  10. Echmiadzin Cathedral
  11. Saint Karapet Church (Tbilisi)
  12. Saint Sargis Church (Tbilisi)
  13. Zrkinyants St. Gevorg (Tbilisi)
  14. Kamoyants St. Gevorg (Tbilisi)
  15. Jigrashen Avetyats church (Tbilisi)
  16. Vera St. Cross (Tbilisi)
  17. Chugureti St. Astvatsatsin (Tbilisi)
  18. Dzorabash St. Gevorg (Tbilisi)
  19. Kuky St. Astvatsatin (Tbilisi)
  20. Navtlukh St. Gevorg (Tbilisi)
  21. Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church (Tbilisi)
  22. St. Minas (church) (Tbilisi)
  23. Tandoyants St. Astvatsatsin (Tbilisi)
  24. Hreshtakapetats (Tbilisi)
  25. Katughike St. Astvatsdatsin (Tbilisi)

Nuvola apps edu languages.png Demographics[edit]

Nuvola apps package graphics.png Culture[edit]

  1. Armenian theatre
  2. Armenian wine
  3. Arshak II (opera)
  4. David Bek (opera)
  5. Self-defense Battle Memorial of Artsiv Vaspurakan
  6. Yerevan Automobile Plant (or YerAZ)
  7. Yerevan Opera House
  8. Cascades, Yerevan
  9. Cossack Monument
  10. Vishap
  11. Hamalir
  12. Pantheon Cemetery
  13. Armenian Dkhrouhi Youth Association
  14. Armenian Young Men's Society-Hoyetchmen - connected to the Boy Scouts of Jerusalem
  15. Armenian Young Men's Society-Armenagan - connected to the Boy Scouts of Jerusalem
  16. Hakob Manukyan
  17. Mulberry brandy (tutovka, mullberry vodka) - see hy:Թթի օղի, ru:Тутовая водка

Soccerball.jpg Sports[edit]

  1. Armenia national basketball team
  2. Armenia national under-17 football team
  3. FC Ararat Tallinn

Video-x-generic.svg Armenian cinema[edit]

  1. Hayk kinostudia
  2. A Girl From Ararat Valley
  3. "Golden Apricot" International Film Festival
  4. Nairi Cinema (Kino Nairi)
  5. Namus (1925 film) (IMDB errors: it was 1925 [1], not 1926)
  6. Return (1970 film)
  7. The Second Caravan
  8. Sevan's Fishermen
  9. There, Beyond the Seven Mountains
  10. Twelve Companions
  11. Yerkir Nairi

History History[edit]

  1. Antony's Armenian campaign
  2. Ancient History of Armenia
  3. History of Gyumri
  4. History of Echmiadzin
  5. History of Yerevan
  6. Modern history of Armenia
  7. Red Army invasion of Armenia
  8. Armenian National Union
  9. Erimena

Nuvola apps network.png Diaspora[edit]

  1. Congressional Armenian Caucus

Crystal personal.png Personalities[edit]

  1. Oleg Mkrtchyan Founder of FC Metalurh Donetsk and CEO of the Industrial Union of Donbass
  2. Vartan Israelyan Sporting Director of FC Metalurh Donetsk
  3. Aleksandr Fyodorovich Miasnikyan
  4. Alexander I of Jugha
  5. Aram Merangulyan
  6. David Kupelian
  7. Grigor Khandjyan
  8. Hasmik Agopyan
  9. Mikael Harutiunian
  10. Saint Gayane
  11. Simeon Jughaetsi
  12. St. Dadi
  13. St. Gregoris
  14. Sarkis Pitsak
  15. Grigor Tatevatsi
  16. Toros Taronatsi
  17. Hakob Jughaetsi (Jacob IV of Jugha)
  18. Hrachya Adjarian
  19. Yervand Lalayan
  20. Vahram Papazian
  21. Vassil Tahirov
  22. Leonid Yengibarian
  23. Andranik Iossifian
  24. Sargis Saltikov
  25. Samvel Kochariants
  26. Norayr Sissakian
  27. Nikoghayos Yenikolopian
  28. Haykanoush Danielyan
  29. Sergo Hambartsoumian
  30. Hripsime Simonian
  31. Harutiun Alamdarian
  32. Yeprem of Armenia (Catholicos)
  33. Nerses Ashtaraketsi
  34. Petros Gilanents
  35. Minas Vardapet
  36. Esay Hasan-Jalalyants
  37. Simon Yerevantsi
  38. Chaiton/Hayton the Armenian - medieval traveler

Maestro.jpg Conductors of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra[edit]

  1. Michael Avetissian
  2. Vahagn Papian
  3. Martin Nersissian
  4. Rafael Mangassarian
  5. David Khanjian
  6. Aram Katanian
  7. Loris Tjgnavorian
  8. Michael Maluntsian
  9. Michael Maluntsian
  10. Constantine Saradjian
  11. Gevork Budaghian
  12. Souren Charekian
  13. Arshak Adamian

Coat of arms of Armenia.svg Provincial governors of Armenia[edit]

  1. Gagik Gyozalyan, Aragatsotn
  2. Alik Sargsyan, Ararat
  3. Albert Heroyan, Armavir
  4. Arsen Grigotyan, Gegharkunik
  5. Kovalenko Shahgeldyan, Kotayk
  6. Henrik Kochinyan, Lori
  7. Romik Manoukyan, Shirak
  8. Armen Ghularyan, Tavush
  9. Samvel Sarkisyan, Vayots Dzor

Coat of arms of Armenian SSR.png Chairmen of the Armenian SSR Supreme Soviet[edit]

  1. Khachik Hakobdjanian
  2. Aghasi Sargsyan
  3. Simak Sahakian
  4. Edward Toptchian
  5. Rouben Parsamian
  6. Artsrun Gasparian
  7. Sergey Hambardzumian
  8. Samson Tonotyan

Coat of arms of Armenian SSR.png Chairmen of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR[edit]

  1. Matsak Papian
  2. Shumavon Arushanian
  3. Nagush Haroutiunian
  4. Babken Sarkisov
  5. Hrant Voskanian


Nuvola apps chat.png Articles in need of translation[edit]

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Theater of Armenia ru:Армянский театр ... ... ...
Aghet – Ein Völkermord ... de:Aghet – Ein Völkermord ... ...

Resources Sources[edit]

The following is a list of some useful sources and webpages:

Sources from subscription databanks[edit]

The following sources are available from subscription databanks for the time periods indicated. The specific material may be in abstract, citation, or full text format. To obtain information from them, please send me an e-mail indicating the e-mail address to send it to, as well as either the specific subject of interest, or the title and dates of the sources wanted, and I will forward what I find. John Carter (talk) 18:54, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

  • A&G Information Services (1999-2006)

Stubs Stubs[edit]

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Culture and society Culture and society[edit]

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Armenians Notable Armenians[edit]

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Economics and business Economics and business
Culture and society Culture and society
Food and drink Food and drink
Geography Geography
History History
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Armenians Notable Armenians
Politics and government
War and military War and military

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