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Requesting advocacy[edit]

Members' Advocates offer their assistance in assisting you of an existing dispute. If you are looking for Mediation or Arbitration, you should start that process in the appropriate manner, and then contact the AMA if you want someone to help you through the process. Members' advocates will also assist in other personal conflicts between users prior to mediation or arbitration stages.

  • Before making a request for Advocacy you must read and understand the Members' Advocacy Information and FAQ pages so that you understand what the AMA is all about.
  • If you are merely looking to get a fellow editor banned rather than take the effort to resolve your dispute, the AMA does not leverage Administrator privileges and thus cannot help you.

With all of this in mind, to make a request please follow these steps as closely as possible:

Step 1[edit]

Copy the following text verbatim into the Advocacy Request Form below
Wikipedia:Association of Members' Advocates/Requests/November 2017/USERNAME
and replace USERNAME with your username. Make sure that the month name and year are part of the request.

If you've already made an AMA request in the past, add the number of your current request after USERNAME.

For example, if your username is The Thadman, the text field should read:
Wikipedia:Association of Members' Advocates/Requests/November 2017/The_Thadman

And if you have already made a previous request for assistance:
Wikipedia:Association of Members' Advocates/Requests/November 2017/The_Thadman 2

Step 2[edit]

Click the "Begin request application" button and you will be provided with further instructions.

Advocacy request form:[edit]

Advocates: There is also a listing of cases by date


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