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  • This page lists templates which AWB should automatically add |date= to in the en-wiki main and category namespaces, as part of AWB general fixes.
  • The rule list is loaded live each time AWB is run (with general fixes enabled).
  • Before adding a rule here you must ensure that the template needs and supports |date=.
  • AWB will add a date in Month YYYY format e.g. December 2017 by substituting {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} and {{CURRENTYEAR}}

Rule format


  • The templates are first-letter case insensitive e.g. {{fact}} and {{Fact}} are treated as identical.
  • The first-letter case of the template is kept in the new template name.
  • Rules in nowiki or HTML comment tags are ignored.
  • There should only be one rule per actual template.
  • The order of the rules does not matter.
  • Since the template dating is carried out as part of AWB's general fixes, commented out template calls, or those within nowiki/pre/math tags etc. will not be renamed.
  • AWB does not validate the templates used to ensure that the redirects or templates exist.


  • {{tl|template 1}}

Mainspace rules