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Don't start an article, particularly on an obscure topic,[a] if you are going to abandon it. Such articles, typically sub-stubs, are often justified on the grounds that it encourages other editors to develop the articles, but a review of articles created in 2018[b] shows that it does not do this, and may actually deter them.

Of the articles created in 2018, 26% were turned into developed articles[c] by the creator. Of the 74% not turned into developed articles by the creator, only 9% were turned into developed articles by other contributors.[d] This disparity becomes even greater when we consider articles on obscure topics; 13% of those were turned into developed articles by the creator, while other contributors turned only 2% of the remainder into developed articles.

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  1. ^ Defined as being in the bottom 50% of articles by views
  2. ^ Excludes articles created from an existing redirect and articles since deleted
  3. ^ Defined as being over 5000 bytes
  4. ^ Defined as collectively contributing at least as much as the creator