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 Abuse response

Abuse Response is a community initiative for the reporting and investigation of abuse originating from IP address users. Those IP addresses are then reported to the Internet service provider with jurisdiction over the IP address in hopes to counter and even deter abuse to Wikipedia.

  • Abuse Response is not for blocking accounts. If an IP address user is presently vandalizing Wikipedia, please go to AIV.
  • We do not handle abusive user accounts. To report abusive users for action, see the long-term abuse project and follow the instructions there.
  • Please DO NOT report suspected sockpuppets here, reports of sockpuppetry or abuse of multiple accounts belongs at the Sockpuppet investigations noticeboard. Reports filed about sockpuppets will be declined on sight.

For a list of current Abuse Response volunteers, or for information on how you can help with the Abuse Response project, please see the volunteers page. We are always looking for help.

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