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Please see Special:UserLogin or Wikipedia:Request an account if you would like to create an account for yourself.
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The account creator user right grants access to a tool which permits trusted Wikipedia contributors to make a large number of accounts for other people who request them.

The userright alleviates/removes restrictions in relation to creating new accounts. The account creator permission removes the limit on the number of accounts that can be created with the Special:CreateAccount tool in a 24-hour period (currently 6) and also to use this tool to create usernames similar to those of pre-existing accounts as the 'override-antispoof' permission allows them to override "anti-spoof" checks on account creation.

Account creators can create accounts with names that are otherwise blocked by the title blacklist as they have the 'tboverride-account' permission.

The account creator flag may be granted to users who are either:

If the user right is requested due to involvement with the request an account process, admins on the Account Creation Tool ([1] for a list of tool admins) should be contacted before the account creator flag is granted. Typically, users are expected to correctly handle many requests and have hit the six (6) account rate limit before requesting the flag. Requests for the flag can be made at Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Account creator.

Per this request for comment, users who are no longer involved in the ACC process (meaning their ACC account has been suspended), or with the Education Program may have the user right removed at any time. Furthermore, administrators automatically inherit all the individual user rights of this user group.

There are currently 107 users who have the account creator flag.

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