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Congratulations on becoming an admin! You have heard about "the tools" and perhaps even have read something about them at the Administrators' how-to guide or the Administrators' reading list, but have little to no experience using them. It is often tough when an admin starts to use the sysop tools for the first time. You might be hesitant to block a user or to delete a page because you are afraid you might do it wrong. Here you can use the tools in an environment that will not harm the encyclopedia. Spending a few minutes here may seem well worth it if it keeps you from ending up in the village stocks.

Please note that now that you are the operator of an account with administrative privileges, you should review your user account security practices.

Administrator privileges

Click the list below for some tasks that you can do as a new admin to practice using the tools in an environment that will not harm the encyclopedia. In ascending order of possible damage (In other words 1 is mild, 9 is severe):

  1. Viewing deleted pages and contributions
  2. Granting and revoking accountcreator
  3. Rollback
  4. Protecting
  5. Protecting deleted pages
  6. Rollback granting and revoking
  7. Deleting
  8. Dealing with disputes
  9. Blocking
  10. Edit filters

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