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This page is protected to avoid abuse. If you are not an admin but would like to edit this page, please post on the talk page.

This page contains a block of instructions for WP:AIV reporting, and is used by the HBC AIV helperbots in their work maintaining that page. These instructions will be replaced on the page if they are removed or modified for any reason. The instructions are read by the bot once every 30 minutes, so changes you make here will take some time to be automatically reflected on pages serviced by the bots.

Note: Please do not remove the "HBC AIV helperbot BEGIN INSTRUCTIONS" or "HBC AIV helperbot END INSTRUCTIONS" lines - removing these lines will entirely disable this part of the bot's functionality. If you need to disable this functionality, instead use the FixInstructions configuration option on the page for which it should be disabled.

<!-- The following are examples of how to report a vandal on this page.
Please copy and paste an appropriate example to the *VERY BOTTOM* of the page.

Anonymous Users (IP addresses):
* {{IPvandal|IP address}} brief reason for listing (keep it short) ~~~~

Registered Users:
* {{Vandal|username}} optional brief reason for listing (keep it short) ~~~~

List begins BELOW this line -->
<!-- HBC AIV helperbot END INSTRUCTIONS -->