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For a related Wikiproject, see Article Rescue Squadron

AfD Patrol or Articles for Deletion Patrol is a Wikipedia communal patrol which refers to the act of patrolling Articles for Deletion and encouraging productive responses to AfD proposals, including helping nominations and discussion conform to deletion policy.

AfD Patrollers believe that Wikipedia will benefit from AfD being applied in a consistent, measured, and policy-driven manner rather than as a popularity contest.

AfD Patrol is completely voluntary. Anyone can be involved with AfD Patrol, but it is recommended primarily for experienced Wikipedians who have a good understanding of AfD and Wikipedia policies in general.

AfD Patrol Userbox

Regular AfD patrollers may wish to put the AfD patrol userbox on their user page by adding {{User:Rushyo/Userboxes/AfD Patrol}} to their user pages.

Police man update.svg This user is an Articles for Deletion patroller.
{{AfD patrol}} creates:
Abfall.gif This user is an Articles for Deletion patroller.

Important policies and guidelines[edit]

What to do[edit]

  1. Read Articles for Deletion, as often as practical.
  2. If you see a nomination where the nominator has not stated a Wikipedia:Deletion policy-compliant justification, add a note to the nomination justification pointing out deletion policy and asking for a restated justification.
  3. If you see people simply voting without expressing an opinion on the article or deletion, encourage them to express an opinion and help develop true consensus.
  4. If you see a discussion or argument flaring up which uses logic or reasoning contrary to Wikipedia's stated deletion policy, then point out the policy and how the line of argument is contrary to policy.
  5. If you see Speedy tags on opinions for reasons which do not conform to Wikipedia deletion policy, point that out.
  6. If a debate strays significantly from AfD policy, point that out in a note to the closing administrator.

What AfD Patrolling is not[edit]

  • AfD Patrolling does not confer any special rights or permissions. You do AfD patrol on your own cognizance as an ordinary editor.
  • AfD Patrol is not a formal organization, with "members". It does not represent a faction. It is simply an activity that one can choose to perform.

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