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This page is a notice board for things particularly relevant to Albanian Wikipedians or Wikipedians interested in Albania. Add any Albanian related articles in the appropriate list or sublist. Create a new sublist if an appropriate one does not exist yet. Please remove articles from this notice board once they have been dealt with appropriately.

Requested articles

  • Articles requested to be created.

Articles to improve

  • Articles that need to be expanded or cleaned up in some way.


  • Discussion about Albanian related Wikipedia matters.

Style guide

  • Summary of current conventions and writing styles for Albanian articles.


  • Summary of templates.


  • List of wikipedians who frequent this notice board and a list of Albanian meet-ups.


  • Websites, books and other resources that you can consult to help you write articles.

Useful links[edit]

Current events/topical articles[edit]

Requests for peer review[edit]

Please add new requests to the top of the list.

Featured article or list candidates[edit]

Good article nominees[edit]

  1. Albanian GA.svg Skanderbeg

Did you know section candidates[edit]

Please link new candidates for Wikipedia's Did You Know section towards the top of the list, starting with the most recent article created/expanded date first. See Template talk:Did you know for current article nominations. Expansion and cleanup of candidate articles is also encouraged. Please add nominated or featured Did You Know? articles to the Did You Know? section of the Albanian Portal.

Candidates for deletion[edit]

Please add new entries to the top of the list. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Deletion sorting/Albania.

Requested moves, mergers & splits[edit]

Please add new requests to the top of the list.

Cleanup projects[edit]

Requests for images[edit]

General requests for images: Wikipedia requested photographs in Albania

Requests for articles[edit]

List of requested articles:

Requests for Assessment[edit]