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Course description[edit]

This course introduces students to the important psychological theories concerning the way in which the human mind perceives, interprets, processes, stores, and retrieves information about the world. Furthermore, the course will illustrate how the mind's mental representations of objects and events serve as the basis for learning and memory, pattern recognition, the use of language, and our ability to reason and solve problems. 3 credit hours.

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]


Stefania Mereu, Ph.D.

Online Ambassadors





Early Wikipedia Exercises[edit]

In class
  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to how Wikipedia will be used in the course
  • Handout: Welcome to Wikipedia (available in print or online from the Wikimedia Foundation)

Before Spring-break: Editing basics[edit]

In class[edit]


Writing Assignment (MANDATORY): Early Exercises[edit]

Due March 2, 2012 11:59:00 PM EST

Assignments objectives
  • Have all the students' wikipedia account set up and their accounts linked to the APS (Association for Psychological Science) Wikipedia Initiative Website.
  • To practice editing and communicating on Wikipedia, introduce yourself to one of the class's Online Ambassadors (via talk page) and write a few sentences on a Wikipedia article or Wikipedia Sandpage (find tutorials on the Wikipedia Course Webpage listed at the end of the page).
  • Narrow your choice of possible articles to edit as much as possible, ideally to only 1.
(See this and this for example assignments.)
  • Create a Wikipedia account, create a user page, and sign up on the list of students on the course page.
  • To practice editing and communicating on Wikipedia, introduce yourself to one of the class's Online Ambassadors (via talk page).
  • Handout: Advice for choosing articles
Show evidence of completing the assignment by providing the following information through BlackBoard
  • Wikipedia username
  • Wikipedia sentences edited so far (including Online Ambassador talk page)
  • Article chosen for editing and completing the writing requirement

After Spring-break: Drafting starter articles[edit]

In class[edit]

  • Discuss the range of topics students will be working on and strategies for researching and writing about them.
  • Q&A session with instructor and/or Online Ambassadors about interacting on Wikipedia and getting started with writing


Writing Assignment (OPTIONAL): Early Draft[edit]

Due March 23, 2012 11:59:00 PM EDT

Assignment objectives
  • Begin working with classmates and Online Ambassadors to polish your short starter article and fix any major transgressions of Wikipedia norms.
  • Continue research in preparation for expanding your article.
  • Move sandbox articles into main space.
  • Begin expanding your article into a comprehensive treatment of the topic.
To complete the assignment

Submit early drafts of your Wikipedia article only IF YOU WANT FEEDBACK regarding whether or not your paper meets your professor's expectations and course standards. If you feel confident about you paper YOU MAY SKIP THIS STEP and submit the paper ready for peer-reviewing on the next deadline.

Writing Assignment (MANDATORY): Submit paper for review[edit]

Due March 30, 2012 11:59:00 PM EDT

Assignment objectives

This step is needed to provide a reasonable time frame for your peers to review your paper.

To complete the assignment

Submit your Wikipedia articles through BB. YOU MAY NOT SKIP THIS STEP. At this point you should have a draft of your paper that has a good structure and organization, and that includes all the elements you want to include in your paper. You can wait to polish it for language and style until after the peer review as been completed. You will soon receive a paper written by one of your peers to review as well.

Remember, by delaying this step you will negatively affect the performance and grades of your classmates.

Writing Assignment (MANDATORY): Peer review[edit]

Due April 4, 2012 11:59:00 PM EDT

Assignment objectives

Deadline for finishing work on the article and submitting to the review process. This step will introduce you to the concept of evaluating your peers work, a skill the your are expected to acquire in college.

To complete the assignment

Upload the comments you have made about your peer paper. In your review, please identify positives and negatives of the work and the paper, plus any suggestions for revisions.

As appropriate, you should discuss:

  • Paper organization
  • Clarity of writing
  • Appropriateness of topic and framing for Cognitive Psychology class
  • Breadth of interest for the Wikipedia audience

before the end of the semester: Building and completing article[edit]

In class[edit]


Assignment objectives
  • Expand your article into an initial draft of a comprehensive treatment of the topic.
  • Select two classmates' articles that you will peer review and copy-edit. (You don't need to start reviewing yet.)
  • Make edits to your article based on peers' feedback.
  • Nominate your article for Good Article status.
  • Prepare for an in-class presentation about your Wikipedia editing experience.
To complete the assignment

Upload your paper on Wikipedia and on Blackboard


This table will list each article that a student is working on, and which other students will be peer reviewers for the article.

User Article 1st reviewer
Alexandra Mental Rotation open
Adam Example article open
Brittany Automatic Activation open
Carly Creativity open
Daniela G. Creativity open
Daniela R. Example article open
Grace Child Depression open
Joseph Blood Phobia open
Jackie Dysrationalia open
John Adroitness open
Kimberlee Automatic Activation open
Kyle Mind-wandering open
Elicia Social Comparison Bias open
Marisa Example article open
Marissa Attentional Bias in Eating Disorders open
Paige Example article open
Thomas Automatic Activation open
Victoria Mental Rotation open

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:Ambassadors/Courses/Cognitive Psychology44APSWI109 | university = University of Wikipedia | term = 2012 Q1 | project = APS Wikipedia Initiative }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):


Wikipedia contributions will be graded as follows:

  • 20%: Participation grade for early Wikipedia exercises (weeks 2, 3, and 4)
  • 20%: Peer reviews and collaboration with classmates
  • 10%: Presentation
  • 50%: Quality of main Wikipedia contributions, evaluated in light of reflective essay


Add your username to the list here using the format for Example User below:

User:Kimberlee parrish User:Bgiro1